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darklight special at tormented demons


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the spec is pretty useless, just bring a d halberd, dds, or godsword

I'm gonna be walking down an alley in varrock, and walka is going to walk up to me in a trench coat and say "psst.. hey man, wanna buy some sara brew"

walka92- retired with 99 in attack, strength, defence, health, magic, ranged, prayer and herblore and 137 combat. some day i may return to claim 138 combat, but alas, that time has not yet come

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Heya, I don't know much about tormented demons (never been), but after two seconds of searching I found a guide right here on this website: http://www.tip.it/runescape/?page=tormented_demons.htm. Try searching on the help website you're posting on first, before asking ;)




try reading your link before posting plz, it doesnt answer my question... :wall:

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Well sorry if I wasn't clear but, quotes taken from the guide:


# Darklight - you will need this to weaken the demons' fire shields.


Godsword/Dragon Halberd - You must bring two styles of attack, using Ruby Bolts(e) as well as Broad bolts is a cost-efficient, yet powerful Ranged method. For your melee style, a dragon halberd will be slow and easy, whereas a godsword will make your kills faster, but more risky.


Seems to me that if Darklight was worth using, well they would post it wouldn't they? And umm, most guides on first page google/youtube state that Darklight isn't worth using and you're better off with halberd. Sorry If i come off mean, its the fault of my typing >_>.

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