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  1. Just use the best strength weapon for your stats: saradomin sword....
  2. Even with infinite money its not 100% sure you'll profit. The chance of profiting would be 1-(1/2^x) which is never going to be 1...
  3. That's the problem with starting with just 1m stake, by the time you make more than your current cash pile(150m) doing 1m stakes you're going to lose 7 in a row(1/128 chance) and get cleaned. Say you made 100m with winning 1m each time when you lose 7 in a row you've lost 150m and you're down 50m from when you started. That's why staking isnt a reliable moneymaker... Huge risk and huge rewards vs. lower risk and lower rewards, it's up to you;)
  4. This is bad advice. Use korasi's+full void+ddefender, berserker ring, fury, fire cape/sw cape. Pray melee. When the defilers spawn attack them once for aggro and safe spot them across the queen so more don't spawn later, plus you don't lose as many attack turns on the queen. Your troops don't kill the queen, they kill her healers. Bring a tort with food and a kyatt+ambush scrolls for when your tort is gone. Spec every time she charges. The knights attack the queen, the rangers attack the healers...
  5. Start with a 1m stake, losing 5 times in a row isn't that unlikely....
  6. Just use korasi the whole fight. All you need to do is speccing the queen when she charges and kill the defilers because they attack your troops. Your troops will kill the queen for you, there's no way you can kill her on your own.. Just use your normal barrows/bandos/black d'hide etc... armour. Pray melee and when you kill the defilers pray magic. Bring a war tort with food.
  7. If your online now I can show you some tactics... just pm me in rs;)
  8. Are you using the north spot?
  9. I've found killing the Dark Beast a lot easier than the knight Your right, I forgot about the knight... @OP, dont kill the knight either:)
  10. Not really, you need to go down to the lowest floor where you can mine the crystals. Takes about 15 mins or so to get a full inventory of crystals.
  11. lupes, if your worried about losing salve(e) dont bring anything else besides your weapon and d def + ammy. You can also get tarn's diary from the bookcase in your house.
  12. Teletab doesnt work above lvl 20 wilderness so bring a glory to teleport. Obby should would be a cheap alternative yea. With your stats it would probably best to kill anything but the lvl 135 rev dragon and the 120 dark beast. Higher lvl revs have better droprates but those two would be a pain with your stats...
  13. 1dhunter


    You realise the OP isn't even close to those stats?;)
  14. That guide isn't very good.... Your attack style doesnt matter. Just bring a whip/rapier with a d defender and salve(e) amulet. If you like you could also bring proselyte armour and barrow gloves, d boots. Jennica's ring improves drops so that might help;) You will die. A LOT. Most of the time pk clans will teleblock and freeze you so if you get attacked, teleport out immediately....
  15. Best would be saradomin sword. Korasi's sword(its a reward from the void stares back quest) is also pretty good and it has a great special.
  16. This is basically wrong. Let me break it down for you. The Warrior's guild is located next to the Burthrope Games Room; easily accessible via Games Necklace teleport. You're Attack and Strength skills must add up to a total of 130 to be allowed to enter the Guild; meaning you need at the very least 65 in both, not 99... Once you've entered make your way to the room with the Armour Animators. This room is where you earn the most tokens at the fastest rate. I suggest bringing Mithril armour since it's worked best for most people. All you need is a full helm, platelegs, and platebody. (I believe, someone correct me if I'm wrong, it's been a while.) use one piece of the armour on the animator and an animation will come and attack you, kill it, take the armour back and you'll have gained some tokens. Once you've gotten a decent amount -- 2-3k+ -- head upstairs to the third floor and speak with the woman. Go inside and kill the cyclops'. Once you get your Bronze defender, head out, talk to her again, and go back in. They'll drop Iron now. Repeat this until you've gotten to Dragon. Once you get your Dragon defender I suggest getting a placeholder or two, just in case you die. And be sure to keep your Rune one, just in case you die with your last Dragon. That way you don't need to work all the way through Bronze again. If your strength and attack dont add up to 130 but either one of them is 99 you can get in as well (due to skillcapes being sold inside).
  17. edit- Dang: to late;P Slayer gear: Bandos plate and tassets, verac skirt, full slayer helm (obviously), fury/glory, dragon boots, whip/rapier. Slayer rewards apply to all masters. You won't get points for your first five tasks after smoking kills though. Also: raising summoning is extremely usefull if your serious about slayer. Bunyip helps a lot, if you get to unicorn you dont need food anymore... Raising your prayer to 70 helps a lot as well, pray piety at all tasks. Use super sets and if you ever get a high herb lvl, extreme potions will help even more. Fire cape or soul wars cape are great capes to aim for. BCP: bandos chest plate
  18. Only range jad, with your stats you could do all the waves before Jad in 40 minutes if not less... Outfit seems fine. For meleeing the 360's hit them once as soon as the magic animation starts and step aside immediately. This might take some getting used to but it's worth learning it in case you lose your firecape.
  19. 5 lvl 100's will NOT win 99% of the time, 5 lvl 138's probably will if they know what they are doing...
  20. Not true, you can't control who gets in your team so your always stuck with a couple of bots, idiots and some lowe lvls. That means your losing more than your winning.... If your using high lvl worlds you win every game in about 2:05 so its worth doing for higher lvls. I've been doing a bunch of PC for void on W144 and we win every game on the novice lander in about 2m or less... So? 120+ worlds usually go for the veteran boat;)
  21. 1: probably not, 70 defence means your going to get hit a LOT... Only possible bosses would be tormented demons or corporeal beast. 2: If you'd get 99 attack all you could do is ahng around the edge of the wilderness. If you go 10 lvls deep or more your gonna get slaughtered by maxed out players.
  22. 100k means you would get about 100 maple logs and 1 nest a day for 10k loss? This would result in about 10k profit(7k from logs, 7k from coal and 7 for 1 crushed nest) unless your lucky and get a high lvl seed. If you choose to put the 750k+ in the coffers your looking at 7,5 times that profit at the very least and 7,5 times more chance of getting a yew/magic/palm seed... Basically: just put the dang money in the coffers...
  23. 1dhunter


    getting killcount is waste of time, many players did the same kind of experiment (including getting the max 10k killcount..) so learn from their mistakes.
  24. 1dhunter

    Your a noob

    You: should have learned at school Me: not everyone does learn english at school or simply didnt learn it yet so you can't blame them for having terrible grammar... Thank you for specifying. However, I disagree that not everyone learns English at school - If you're a British/American citizen (which most of the player base are), learning/having learnt English at a basic level is compulsory. It's also unlikely that those of age to talk ingame (13+) would be unable to type in a coherent manner (albeit it may be debatable whether they are rational or not). On the flip side, it's understandable that foreign players may find English a difficult language to communicate with. Having said that, surely they would learn the difference between homophones like 'your/you're' and 'their/they're' after they are corrected? I agree, they should learn stuff like that... I'm afraid your overestimating the capabilities of most rs players. Even at college/university a lot of my classmates barely know dutch grammar/punctuation and that's their first language...
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