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  1. Same for me, have been trying for 45 mins to log in now :( Sometimes login screen won't load, sometimes I can log in to lobby but then I can't join a world there sometimes I get a game crash screen..
  2. I thought saradomin sword was a much better option than korasi or brackish blade, but maybe I am wrong?
  3. Ashes were released quite some time before that
  4. I did prayer when last xp-weekend ended, and for some reason the bones dropped heavily in price then. Ended up selling bcp and tassets to use frosts instead of a mix of ordinary d bones/ashes which I had planned. Could have been a coincidence, but will not be surprised if the same happens now. BTW, bones sold for 5% under med yesterday when I sold after a slayer task.
  5. All 99s, no doubt about it..
  6. And use hati paws if you have them for double xp ;) ...Just checked plank make with paws, around 280k xp/hr ...another test gave me 305k xp/hr, love paws :) now off to buy logs..
  7. Agree with all of this except lrc Superheat. It's not a way to get to 80 mining as you need 80 mining to do it ;)
  8. For smithing I would superheat gold ore, it's 130k xp/hr, and as you are not maxed in magic the additional 120k magic xp per hour comes in handy.
  9. Thanks to both of you :)
  10. Was wondering how far my charms will get me, I am currently 70 summoning and have: blue 1570 crimson 7170 gold 7580 green 5180 I have about 70M to spend. Also, what pouches would be best to make?
  11. Never had 2 in a row, but have gotten 5 iin one task (jadinko males)
  12. The same place you switched to lunar :)
  13. They only drop 1 noted herb at the time, and it is much rarer than other herbs. Have killed over 3k jadinko guard/male and have had somewhere around 2-4 torstols from them..
  14. I ...have you bothered to read any post but the last one? we're talkign about the trollheim patch. I've gotten 3/4 herbs from it before which shouldnt be possible with super compost. i'm sorry but you are flat out wrong. you cannot get less than 5 from a super composted (including the lunar spell fertile soil) from any patch, INCLUDING troll. i will argue this point til i die. maybe as it has been suggested: that you forgot to use fertile soil / super compost, i know i've done that with a few patches as you get a confirmation when you use the super compost but no confirmation what-so-ever when you cast fertile soil. (also i've done only herbs (exception being bonus xp weekends) from 75 farming til 94.) I have had 4 herbs from trollheim patch 2 times, and 11 times on the other patches. I always wield magic sec, and withdraw 5 supercompost at the start of my run, so I know if I miss to use compost on a patch. I am 100% sure you can get 4 herbs without doing mistakes.i
  15. It's almost what I did to get 1500 feathers for bxp-weekend. But when I was done picking, I teled to relekka slayer cave with slayer ring to enter fairy rings there.
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