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  1. i was here for summoning ;) but thanks, what do the loyalty points for membership do? ;o
  2. lol dustehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh good ol' germania. ;D
  3. its been about 2 and a half, close to 3 years since i stopped playing runescape and i feel like i have missed alot. i am thinking of coming back to the game and im wondering what the biggest changes have been recently? i quit before dungeoneering came out so really anything after that.
  4. took ya long enough, noob. gratz though, smexiest cape.
  5. very well done, its always good to see people with a 200m skill posting here!
  6. me, because im awesome. but id say i mahatama i was one of them, and kidz ranqe or however you spell it. artemis1330 was my personal idol/influential though, in how much he affected me personally, because of his awesomeness in GDW and his tutelage made me close to half a billion from godwars drops and 6kirkegard, who founded guardians of fate. all the big monster hunters 'back in the day knew of him.
  7. can i see a map of current territories?
  9. sheynaaaaaaaaaarb. its been a long time!

  10. walka92


    i can not think of a more australian town name Woolloomooloo. Yes, it's real. It's a suburb in the middle of Sydney. i been there, awesome name.
  11. there is alot of skills and spells in wow, and at first it can be overwhelming, but as you learn them slowly, theres not many more things to remember at a time; it builds up slowly also the key binding thing is a bit imposing to some but it isnt a necessity. i played wow for about a year and a half, after playing rs for maybe 6 years...once you get level 80 (max atm) it all because pretty much second nature to do in the game. and in a 3day demo, no it wont be fun, it doesnt get fun till max level...
  12. been playing a dk since 4.0, frost, and god i love its obliterates :D i 2 hit a rogue with frost strike, too.
  13. lol, we have alot of intj's (me included) :D
  14. they screwed up the timing with the states; normally stagered but this year they all get off at exactly the same time. its bad enough when theres only one states worth there. i dont want to be crushed by 3 states worth
  15. my problem; so i went to a haloween party and a girl who i had on facebook for about a week or two (but neever really talked to) was there. shes fairly attractive, and single. the next morning she sent me a FB-IM, saying she didnt recognise me under the mask at first etc etc, we started to joke around and talk abit. after a while she asked if i wasgoing to schoolies (after school celebration for grade 12s in aus east coast), i said no, but she invited me to go with her+her friends for a day. i asked her to a movie and she said yes, but i didnt say it asthough it was a date, but im not sure if shes more likely to see it as a friends thing or just us on a date from what ive said, IOIs and such, is she likely to see it as a date or not
  16. oh noes, no limewire, now where will i get my songs?!!?!?!? took me 15 minutes to find a new way to get music, without torrents, thats nearly as fast. though it sucks that i cant dl some tv shows in the same way
  17. most of the time me playing was testing my concentration, which helped me in school for example, id do 11 hour godwars trips, attempt to beat my exp/hr records with different skills and such, i found that fun. and also i found clanwars very fun to do when i had a few good, high level friends, ancients and godswords. lol
  18. i am very nearly maxed (the only combat not 99 is summoning) but i never felt the need to crash, but that said, i havent played in a while, and when i did still play, most bosses werent that hard to get a spot for. my rationalisation is that my stats may stop me from getting crashed, but really, they are just to speed up my kills or lengthen my trips...but at my level most people didnt try to crash me, normally, but that doesnt mean you should crash people in everything. tds for example, quite often there was a spot unused that i could use in any world, but if not, id hop, even if there was a level 100 trying to fight there its just common courtesy man. just because its a game doesnt mean you have to be a [bleep] to everyone
  19. one of us really needs to write a book (or series of books) about the hegemony...sigh. good times.
  20. ...your an idiot. make it back and move on.
  21. haha well done, always nice to see something like that drop xD
  22. proud to be one of the few, if not the only person to have an original TZDF avatar still (atleast that ive seen since i started posting again)
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