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Obby Shield + **Uncut Onyx**


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Just got an Obby Shield drop. was quite excited but my excitement soon died whe i realised they are only worth 140k now. They used to be 250k - 300k not to long ago. What happned?




New Question: Do TzHaars drop Uncut Onyx stones?



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It became a pvp drop, just like all the other once high-priced items.



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It seems like jagex has wrecked the RS economy with this new BH :|


Everything with a medium/high price that people want have started to plummet - eg. furys.... i bought mine for 2.4m when it first started to crash.... it then started to rise a tiny lil bit and now it's plummeted to 1.9m(?) and it's same with items like obby stuff, zerker ring, d full helm etc.





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