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In the pictures topic people were posting pictures a few days ago of a program that seemingly contained all RuneScape 3D renders and even some unreleased in-game.


Could anyone please tell me how to view these or download this program?




Also, if you don't know what that program was but have pictures of the original Tok-Xil (Ranged monster from Fight Caves), please post them.


*I did do/am doing image searches but I need a very specific view, straight on, and I can't seem to find that.


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The title of that image reads "RSMV V0.5 by Bentski [v.49 1:88] Modified to load New Header by ClientHax". So there you go. Presumably it stands for RuneScape Model Viewer and is programmed by someone called Bentski. It looks like it picks up models from RuneScape's cache which counts as reverse engineering which is "strictly prohibited" under RuneScape's no third-party software rule (see point 4 here).


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