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runescape.com -> hack?


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Okay well as everyday I've been playing Runescape with Swiftkit but then i had to hop to a different world. But on the main page when i tried to select the members login it said that i had to do a "secure log in" by giving them Nick, Pass and Pin (!). I was like screw SK and opened firefox to do it manually. But all of a sudden i had exactly the same thing there. And ive typed the address on my own and its 100% right.




Here is a pic of it:








If you read in the URL Bar you can see that i typed it in the right way.




Just for fun i typed in a random name, pass and pin and it said that my acc was locked. So i had to fill in my recoverys. Again i typed in some random stuff and i was back at the beginning of it.




I even tried it with IE and run my AntiVir which didnt find any kind of a virus or a keylogger.




I really need your help. Tell me what to do.




EDIT: Link to the sourcecode: http://freenet-homepage.de/knuddelisworld/Quelltext.txt








Greetings gnoemi

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i send it to you as a pm twice but im not quite sure wether it sent or not. since its stuck in my outbox.






here again just incase it didnt work




             # Owned by F..... # [Caution: Jagex Rule Violation].org www.[Caution: Jagex Rule Violation].org runescape.com www.runescape.com localhost scionbot.com scionbot.com runescape.net www.runescape.net www.virustotal.com127.0.0.1 virus.org www.virus.org novirusthanks.org www.novirusthanks.org





I dont see anything important for me to hide, thats why i made it public

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sorry for the double post




but i have moved this "host" file and now its back again working. but i guess thats no permanent solution






make sure you change your password and stuff.


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