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  1. I randomly decided to take a look at The Gallery for the first time in about a year, and look who's back. :) Your illustrations are awesome, as usual. I still have my "mightiest roar" shirt.
  2. ADVERTISER: Gold4fun.com LANDING URL: http://www.gold4fun.com/?gclid=CK-q56zN668CFWRYmAodrm4Z2A TYPE: Top Banner SITE: RS Gold/Gold4fun.com MY LOCATION: Finland REASON: Selling RS gold
  3. ^ I've been meaning to read the Millennium Trilogy, haven't got around to it yet. I should be able to find it quite easily though, unlike the other books I'm looking for (Which are in English, which is what makes them hard to find).
  4. Apparently we have different standards.
  5. You would probably also need a 64-bit OS (If you don't have one already) to make use of it. Ready boost is sort of a last resort, and for the price of an 8GB USB stick you could probably get one or two GB more of RAM anyway, which would be more effective.
  6. Yay, finally someone else that uses Blender! Nice animation, but there are some problems: 1. From what I can see, it's a walk cycle following a path, and there's nothing wrong with that- But it's a starting point. You need to add some variation. 2. Related to #1, the body stays completely still relative to the ground for the whole animation. Think about how the body would sort of float and bob around as the crab moves. 3. Also think about what it would actually look like for the crab to climb over the edge of those hole things. But overall, nice work.
  7. I use it because I have to. :( If I could do all communications with clients through Twitter, I would- It strips away all the formalities (Which I forget all to often) and leaves the essence of the message, making it so much faster and (more importantly) easier to write.
  8. An announcement about the voting would be cool.
  9. After about half an hour of deciding, I'm voting for Myu. I just can't resist those colors. Really good job people, you worked really hard. :-) I'm going to post now before I change my mind again.
  10. I'm amazed at how many people suddenly became pixel artists once 10m was involved! :lol: And the entries are good! I'm seriously going to have a problem deciding.
  11. You've got a really great film noir thing going on there, although for the sake of the genre it would be cool to take it even further, with more high-contrast lighting. Of course, given the budget you had (Presumably near nothing), this is quite good indeed. You were lucky to have so many actors too, when I shot a short myself I only had about three actors and half a room to shoot in. :-| One problem as I see it is the music. Not to hate on Debussy, but that song just doesn't have enough feeling in it to make a good backdrop for drama. The other problem is just that, it's a backdrop instead of the focus, like I would imagine a music video would do. Overall though, nice work.
  12. That, and Dick, because "Former Vice President [bleep] Cheney" just looks funny. I see what they did there, dsavi. Good ol' decreased browser fonts FTW. :thumbsup: You don't even need to decrease it, just set it to the same size and the censor won't match.
  13. I'm pretty sure you can just evade in those cases. On the other hand, not everyone knows to do that, or how.
  14. Not sure what 'd' is either. Or where you-

    Oh, right. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7yl3UMO-TkE

  15. dsavi


    I try my best to not be offended, without going into details there are a few things that are offensive to me, but I try not to take it out on other people. HOW DARE YOU
  16. Gratz Jimmy! :-D Saved. I'm sure I can find an occasion for it.
  17. I have an idea that may have merit- What if there was something that censored to [Caution: Executable File]? Obviously it would have to be some sort of half-secret, and I don't know exactly how that would work, but it's a start.
  18. I have a BMI of 18.8, so while I would care if there was something wrong with it, I don't. (Note: Although 18.8 would probably be underweight for an adult, the normal BMI range is broader for teenagers and kids apparently).
  19. Maybe you want to use DynDNS or something. More maintenance than a free host, but it would be sooo much faster and more reliable.
  20. I must look into this. But not while other people are looking.
  21. 9k profile views. I must be famous.

    1. D. V. Devnull

      D. V. Devnull

      Ugh... memes... *facepalm* -_-

      (BTW, I sneaked this comment in through a back door that doesn't add a profile view. LOL =P ...)

  22. I noticed that familyradio.com is down (The website of the whacko organization that started all this). :lol: I wonder if Anon is involved? Edit: It's not. It just took about five minutes to load. :razz: E2: Still loading, but the content is there.
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