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Rock Lobsters


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I want 99 summoning and 99 mage on route would be nice.




Obviously rock lobsters are the way to go, I do need some figures though.




I'm 91 mage so will use the lower ice one. Is it worth swapping at 94?


How much XP is it per hour?


What is the cost per hour?


How many crimson charms per hour?




I will be honest and say I don't have a lot of money. 15mil currently but do not have a god sword. My plan is to make the cash for a BGS with 5mil spare and then join a BGWD team for cash. Shouldn't be an issue with maxed melee. Roughly how much do you make at BGWD with a 4-5 man team?






Trust the Gene Genie!

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The figures which I've seen on toasts solo guied estimate you get 1 drop every 74 kills with an average value of about 11m. So in a 5 man team (4 man even with maxed melee stats will get crashed). Thats about 2.2m per 74 kills.




With an average pop world you'll get say 36+ kills per hour so thats roughly 1.1m per hour.




Taking into account shards, lesser drops and so on it would in theory be the 1.3 to 1.5m per hour mark.




Of course this is based on rough estimates for the drop rate, a mid pop world, not taking into account luck or the minis.




You could be getting as much as 8m per hour or as little as 200k per hour, theres a lot of luck involved.




Then you have crashers, tank KO's (rarely happens, but happens none the less), team members dying, banking and so on.




Its near impossible to give a completely accurate gp per hour at any of the GWD bosses.




No idea of rock lobsters, but I plan on doing a trial trip to night.


  • Dragon Axe x11
    Berserker Ring x9
    Warrior Ring x8
    Dragon Med
    Dragon Boots x4 - all less then 30 kc
    Godsword Shard (bandos)
    Granite Maul x 3

Solo only - doesn't include barrows[/hide][hide=Stats]


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