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blessed spirit shield vs DFS at aviansies


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atm i got both a blessed spirit shield and a DFS but im wondering if its better to bring bss when tanking aviansies then DFS? with other words, is the 5 extra range att worth the 20range def lost



[hide]visage drop 11/01/09


all skills 70+ (completed)

all skills 80+

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Depends on your setup really. With 80+ defence and bunyip you can get away with about 160+ range defence.


Personally I would just go with DFS if your getting over healed switch to BSS.


  • Dragon Axe x11
    Berserker Ring x9
    Warrior Ring x8
    Dragon Med
    Dragon Boots x4 - all less then 30 kc
    Godsword Shard (bandos)
    Granite Maul x 3

Solo only - doesn't include barrows[/hide][hide=Stats]


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If you have bunyip, and 80 defence, and possibly some bones to peaches as back up, I would definitly bring the BSS, more range bonus is better, you want the highest range bonus you can there for quick kills, as long as your other things can keep up with the healing, which they should be able to do.

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