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Best F2P Training for Level 101


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I'm unfortunately f2p and I want to train, my stats are(i think):






Defense:77(sucks I know)


Hit Points:81




I'll have rune plate, legs and kite shield, would have helm but I have my Fletch cape and hood and can't take off





Finally on here to update that I have officially quit! It's been fun.
R.I.P Billy Mays and <3 My Friend C.D.S 7/8/09 <3
60,816th to 99 Fletching 03/07/09|220,309th Person to be Able to Kill Dusties 10 Year Cape on 12/20/14[/hide]


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just do spiders, they dont hit alot and u can totaly afk them (just run around every now and then to keep them agressive)


if you prefer to get some cash while training, try ankous



[hide]visage drop 11/01/09


all skills 70+ (completed)

all skills 80+

98% Of teenagers surround their minds with rap music, if you're part of the 2% that stayed with rock, put this in your signature, ROCK IS BETTER![/hide]

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