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  1. I rolled a Shaman for the purpose of checking out the new Goblin starting area and the revamped Azshara. Had a blast wrecking stuff as Enhancement. Still, just about every class is pretty friendly to start out with. Just go with something you think you'll enjoy ^^ How are hunters end game?
  2. Just starting to play again after quitting for a year.. I'm starting anew since hunters got the crap end of the stick, so wondering what class should I roll out?
  3. On my iPod 3g with 4.1.2 firmware I believe, im trying to download the app Display Recorder and the app says I am iOS compatible, but when I hit install it says cannot comply and tells me there's a problem thay can't be automatically fixed or something, what do I do? Edit: says due to dependicies or conflicts that cant be automatically found or fixed
  4. I use 30lbs when I curl, and now thinking about it I lift it easily, so im thinking that the workouts im doing is toning more than building muscle..Im going to add a bit more and within the next few days check back in with results.
  5. IeatWindex

    Wii U

    Who cares if people like it, it'll sell like crazy just because it seems like a fresh new concept when, in reality, it isn't anything special in my eyes..
  6. So I have a minor question to ask, and it relates to my working out. I do bicep curls with an E-Z bar, and my arms burn after doing my bicep curls with them, but they're not sore the following morning, so im not sure if that means its not working? I'd appreciate if someone could clear up, thanks in advance.
  7. Cardio is extremely important, running/bike riding or anything of that sort will help.
  8. Eminem and 2Pac, only hip hop I really like. I do like Em's and 5'9 collab though, good stuff.
  9. Not gonna buy this, looks like nothing new so I'll settle with BC3 and Skyrim.
  10. +1 On that note, some British kid told me I was a fat yank and I eat McDonalds 24/7, I didn't bother mentioning I don't eat McDonalds and also didn't bother informing America isn't the only country with a McDonalds. Then he told me I have chocolate poop.
  11. Fun, mainly because how cynical most of you are
  12. I'm putting my money on virutal reality. We'll be able to feel the pain of being shot and feel the recoil of guns. Update the old arcade machines from the 90s and we got ourselves a pretty good virtual reality simulator. I can already see the seizures now
  13. People are going to buy this game regardless of anything, just because of the Call of Duty brand. Every COD game that approaches release date is extremely over hyped because Treyarch/Infinity Ward throws out a few teasers and some leaks, then everyone gets to massive speculation and then people go crazy. That's practically the last 3 COD's in a nutshell.
  14. I love this idea. As for the video posted, and the reply just before it, hahahaha
  15. First one made me laugh, second one is the perfect example of what I hate.
  16. So we have a pretty silly group of 4 on Xbox Live who typically always play zombies and game modes like that together, and we decided we wanted a pretty humorous group name but none of us can agree on a name. Preferably something just for fun, we're not looking for anything serious since that would be aside the point of having one in the first place. So, any ideas?
  17. Dead Money was kinda horrible :| it was so hard for me it wasn't very fun..
  18. Fighters torso? Yeah I have that. So I think I'm going to spend the 3m on the full Guthans set, get the verac skirt, and buy the DFS. Is that pretty decent?
  19. So I did originally plan on buying Bcp and the tassets for 37m or so, but that seemed a bit pricy and after going over the stats didn't seem much better than Barrows except it's strength bonus. So I'm thinking that maybe Guthans armor with dragon boots and a dfs would be better? And I'd still have alot of money left over. Would that be sufficient basic armor for just everyday training/slayer tasks?
  20. o.o I gotta get myself that.
  21. Ok, thanks. Bear with me here, I just returned to RS 2 weeks ago, what's EE(E)?
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