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Brawling glove (SMITHING) and SC HAMMERS


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1) Yes, but the gloves last half as long.


2)*4*2 the experience.

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SC Tools were believed to make the experience 8x instead of 4x. In a way, they do give 8x, but instead of taking away 1 use from the brawling glove for each action, it takes away 2 uses. This means your brawling glove will disappear 2x faster, but you will still get the same amount of experience pretty much as if you hadn't used the SC tool.




(Base exp) x (8).





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1) Yes, but the gloves last half as long.


2)*4*2 the experience.


You say them lasting half as long is a bad thing. You still get all the exp from the gloves, you just get it twice as fast. Which if you don't want to be in the wild for twice the time, having a better chance to get pked while in the wild. Now the only down side is if you want to gain more dp/ep while using your brawlers.

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