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Video upside down


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Ok, so today I downloaded this video off MegaVideo, but when I watched it, I was like... Am I on drug? OR Did I give drug to my computer? because the video was upside down, completely. It look something like this:








BTW, can you guess what show this is? Is you can, you get a cookie.




Ok, OT, what can I do to put this in an O.K. form, because I don't feel like watching Wipeout! in a mirror upside down.





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Try playing a few different videos on Windows Media Player. If the same thing occurs, it's a problem with your computer and will need further investigation (unlikely). If the same thing does not occur, it's a problem with that particular video and there's not much you can do about it, unless you want to rotate your entire computer screen 180 degrees (some video card drivers allow this).

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Nooooooooo, it's the video that got a problem :cry: I so wanted to watch people getting owned by big balls anywhere :(




I guess I will need to find a way to rotate and mirror my video...

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