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Clue scroll help..


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I'm almost done with a level 3 clue scroll, but I got a sliding puzzle. I've been working on it for 30 minutes, it seems that everything I try ruins something else. Any help is appreciated. I've read rune wiki's sliding puzzle guide, and I still can't do it.







94 magic

94 ranged

55 slayer

Addy gloves-done

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1.Move 4 right


2.Move 2 right


3.Move 1 down


4.Move 3 left


5.Move 2 up


6.Move 4 left


7.Move 5 down


8.Move 2 right


9.Move 3 right


10.Move 1 up


11.Move 4 left


That concludes the left handed bottom side see if you can do the rest yourself because you have got to learn



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Ok thanks you helped alot, I just finished it.




A big part of the problem was that I was getting frustrated, so I couldn't think straight.




Thanks man.




Yea that happens to me too sometimes and then i start clicking like a madman and eventually drop the puzzle lol




Same, esp. the one from monkey madness. Randomly clicked until it was right :P

Thoroughly retired, may still write now and again

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