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Summoning question


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I just recently got my membership renewed and have been collecting charms.






What would be the best pouches are to make for each charm?




Edit: My summoning level is 21.



Goddammit Monk, stop being so full of win.

I am Monk's [bleep]


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Here is a guide which will definitely help you in Summoning. Pretty detailed and got a lot of calculations explaining cost of items/shards/pouches etc etc.








Only problem i find and also concurrently(at the same time for those of you who don't have a dictionary by your side) hate is the fact that you have to combat a lot for certain amounts of Charms as well as specific ones. If you find yourself short of Charms start Slaying. 2 Days of Slaying from 50-59 got me enough Charms for a easy 25-40 Summoning.




Anyway. Check out Kent's guide.


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