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  1. Monk

    Program name?

    It was glass2k. Thanks!
  2. About a year ago, I found a program on a guide from here, and it had a recommendation for a program that could make a window transparent. You could use this to watch files from your computer while playing. I tried searching and can't find it. Does anyone know the name of the program?
  3. Happy Brithday!

  4. Does it matter? [hide]But the stork. Seriously.[/hide] 7.
  5. When did this get pushed down to 200?.. 4.
  6. Just a quick question. What site do you guys use to watch it?
  7. When your group for a project agrees to meet up at a specific time and no one shows.
  8. Finished Code Geass R2 this morning, and the one thing I ask myself is "Why had I not watched it sooner?" I loved it. Although I knew the ending since I had seen it on Adult Swim a couple years ago.
  9. Whoops. Accidental double post.
  10. There really isn't much training to be done, seeing as she has a good grasp on 3 of the elements already. I'm more interested in the revolt and finding out if there are anymore subsets of bending ie metalbending.
  11. So apparently the first episode was "leaked". And it was taken down.
  12. Monk

    Funny Pictures!

    I remember you posting that on LOTPW. [hide][/hide]
  13. [hide][/hide] Could I get this indexed as B and my name changed to Monk (under agreatmonk currently)?
  14. The Secret World of Arrietty. 4/5 since the dubbing was off just enough to be annoying.
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