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  1. Yep. I'm about 202 cms tall. I can see my balls lol. Its not like that. I didn't say I was fat, I just said I feel fat. Everyone stating their height/weight compared to my 90 Kilos makes me feel a little big. I do have a good mix of Fat and Muscle though and I am far better than I was last year tipping the scales at 130 Kilograms. We are the same height and you weigh less than me. Why is it you are so afraid of your weight when it comes to girls then? I don't get it. :P
  2. I am 6 foot 7 and a Police Officer. To be perfectly honest, that makes a lot of people a bit nervous around me in fear of doing the wrong thing. I have a thick Aussie accent (which isn't special down here but it does do well with foreign girls) I honestly don't really think height/weight/voice does anything different in a relationship. I don't really go off of anything purely physical in any form of relationship or bond I make and not many people I know do at all. Maybe its just the area you have grown up in and the thoughts it has left in your head. If it all seems too much for you, then I would boil it down to good old Location, Location, Location :P
  3. Haven't stumbled across this before. Caught my eye with the Lamb of God reference. I saw them at Rod Laver and they were pretty amazing.
  4. What does that have to do with anything? If anything that is a major advantage! I'm a very tall person as well. I don't know how tall you are (maybe I missed it or didn't absorb it) but it wont be too far from me.
  5. I didn't think you were able to Snipe people in a Clan Chat/Friend Chat. :unsure:
  6. Ooohh buddy you'll post in here if I post in here ;) I know that for a fact :P
  7. Woah. I sure have grown a lot. I'm up to Overloads and Turmoil now. As well as 100 extra total levels and my bank worth is preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeety close to 1B... I think XD. If this gets replies then I will post it out of interest.
  8. Darkwitchery. World 77. Living Rock Caverns. Enjoy :P
  9. Ok. Lets see what happens now. :) I have returned for the most part. Still doing my Policing duties as well as other various things, which takes up MOST of my time. Doing a picture of my stats and quests now and updating some shizzit :) Skills: Quests:
  10. Nah. Ya [bleep]ing suck :P
  11. I'm still here. Just busy to play Runescape. I'm enrolling in the Victorian Police Force (Australia) So I have been in the Gym daily, Work Daily and Study nightly. No time for Runescape. Although I try my hardest to talk to the ones I am closest too. Much love guys :) - AnthonyWL :thumbsup:
  12. Talk to you after this weekend Maddy :) Going away :( Hope you have a great weekend with lots of progress and fun :P Talk soon ;) Xxx <3:
  13. Nicely done Sugs :P Get Strength to 76. Start picking Sharks up like a bad mo-fo :P
  14. Double bamp. :P I hope you had a great Easter! :D I know it was late but i went on a 48 hour walk :ohnoes:
  15. grats on 95 Maddy :D Also grats on 70 Strength :) Hope you had a great Easter! :D
  16. I have other ways of making you crack sonny jim ;) Either way goodluck with life bud :) Talk to you on MSN :P or else!!!!!
  17. You remind me of a younger Jason Newsedt.

    The hair convinces me.

  18. You have usual bumpers aside from yourself.. Man.. Some people have it all :P haha
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