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there is a new song called eruption, it can be unlocked at the old Bounty Hunter Crater, a vulcano.


It's F2P as well.




Currently the unlock hint is:




This track unlocks default info




This probably will be fixed soon though




Could this be added to the site?




edit: the note, or * at the song bounty hunter level 1, 2 & 3 should be removed, for it is not longer true.

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Geez! Give them a little time to put it in! The updates usually take a day or two. Posting on updates the day they come out is usually frowned upon.

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Thanks for your input, but it's really unnecessary at this point. We are already aware of this update and we're working on it. However, most crewbies have other stuff to do besides crew, so it just takes some time. If you don't have any useful information (info which can't be found in the knowledge base), please wait a week before reporting an update.




Note: if you do have useful information (like how much xp the new courses give), don't hesitate to post it. That kind of stuff is really appreciated.

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