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Need help on next 75/80


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Well i want to get another skill to 75 or 80, but one of the expensive ones. I want to know which one you guys think is the coolest...




These are my stats and the level I want them to be.




Skill-----Current Level-----Wanted Level




Summoning-----76-----80 (Already getting this)
















Whats the best ones to do, in order?



what i'm doing now:


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1.Smithing (profit if you make mithril bolt's at the blast furnace)


2.Summoning :D (get combat level up :D And pak yaks :D)


3.Construction (gilded alters FOR prayer :D)


4.Prayer (usefull and once again combat level :D)


5. Herblore (Prayer pots :))


6. firemaking (eh)


Good luck and have fun man tht's what it's all about :D

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Prayer is useful, but smithing is better looking.

[hide=Drops]Araxxor Eye x1 Leg pieces x2
GWD: 5000 Addy bar Steam B Staff x3 Z Spear x6 Sara. Hilt x2 Bandos Hilt x2 (LS, Solo)SS x6 (1 LS)
Tormented Demons: Shard x6 Slice x5 Claws x9 Limbs x3
DKS: Archer x21 Warrior x31 Berserker x30 Axe x51[/hide]

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