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  1. 3 years later - but the ban was quashed and at some point someone recovered it and was playing on it. I found out when I logged in to my old friends chat and saw the display name changed. Recovered it within a few hours. They cleared my friends list :( but not the bank. My replacement account is now way higher, but this account is almost maxed, so having a 2nd account to play on might be fun.
  2. I know this is way late but gratz and it's always neat to see some people still around.
  3. Longest week ever!Got 99 smith a while ago but forgot to update ok so not the longest week in that case. gratz
  4. Have you ever fished rocktails? The pools last a random amount of time, from 5-15 minutes (I think). Once you're fishing, until the pool moves or your inventory is full, all you need to do is stay logged in. To do that, all you need to do is click. So you watch netflix, read a book, browse the forums, or play another game and just click over every 4 minutes to stay logged in. That's no different than afk training any other skill. As long as you're there and doing it yourself, there is no problem. Now, if you misunderstood what I meant and thought it was a bot clicking to stay logged in or the like, no that isn't what I meant. I'm talking about doing something else and just typing, moving the camera, or clicking to stay logged in. Regardless, we can all agree that Jagex has shit customer service.
  5. What do you mean by that? Culd you elaborate? What kind of shock are you talking about? When you have (rich) people buying a hundred bonds, the demand pushes up prices. When bond prices increase by a few million players who regularly buy and consume them have a harder time keeping up. Some will be unable or unwilling to keep it up and drop membership and/or quit for a while. It's just meh... Fallacy of the broken window. Its great for those selling the bonds, even while it sucks for those who buy. Two sides, that which is seen and that which is unseen.
  6. Those sheer number of cases, were they on Reddit or RS Forums? 99% of those cases have been 'proven' guilty by a Jmod at some point. I only know a couple of cases where Jagex has been in the wrong. One of them I was involved. I got unbanned in about 4 hours after I was banned. The offence is quashed, but it is still a stain on my account. They never really officially admitted anything and only said it was banned while investigation was going on. Never got any compensation and to this day, my heart skips a beat every time I get a sudden "Please wait... attempting to re-connect" message (or something alike). This is because I was just playing at the time of the ban wave. It involved around a couple of dozens of people at the time. And this all happened to me, just because I was on the friendlist of a suspected player... Well one case was a clanmate multiboxing fishing rocks, which he was streaming doing. He had like 8 or 10 going at a time. Had 6 banned for a day when it got posted on reddit. Think they are all unbanned now. Had another who was nolifing invention @ abyss. Same thing, just clicking to stay logged in. I'm sure many cases are people lying, but not all are, and it sucks that Jagex has consistently poor customer service. Still, such is life.
  7. Yeah they won't change their mind, even if wrong. Their defense of "we only ban the guilty" would be made even more transparently wrong if they shifted stances now. Ahh well, I've heard of literally 8 cases of the same thing or incredibly similar things happening recently, and while I wouldn't be surprised if at least some were guilty, the sheer number of cases I've run into over the past 18 months makes it statistically almost impossible for Jagex to be always right. Oh well.
  8. Yup, they said it can make an account harder to recover, but it won't impact bans. So I really have no clue at this point WTF triggered it. Also hi WKW cool to see familiar names still around!
  9. I think this is basically what happened, dates are esimates. Jan 2014, account hijacked (I didn't play anymore so IDK when I found out) but I recovered it by April of 2014. I don't think anything was done to the account except the bank emptied of things worth $$$. I don't think the account was touched at all (even if it helps my case that it was botted during that time, not going to lie and say it was.). It is possible, but I don't think so. Between ~April and ~November I played some. November 28th, 2014 got the only black mark on the account ever, which was a major macro ban. I don't know when the "botting" took place. The only time I didn't have control of the account was that brief period in early 2014, and again I don't think anything was done with it. I've never botted. I have used AHK at barb fishing. If it was the later I'd be disappointed, since even using AHK to drop fish still followed the "1 input=1 action" rule. If that was bannable, than the ban was accurate. Still, it was what, 5 years before? (2009). I'd imagine they don't wait 5 years. But I don't think it was that, nor do I think they ban for that anyway. That's why I'm trying to get in touch with CS.
  10. 100% sure. While I had to recover my account at one point, it hadn't been used (just the bank emptied basically). Honestly, I wouldn't make a big deal about it otherwise, but the combination of frustration through not being able to even talk to anyone in CS, having the appeal take 6+ months and be auto-declined, and Jagex's frequent assertions that their system is accurate are incredibly frustrating. It's been 18 months... I'll be honest I've used AHK in the past, about 4-5 years ago, for some barb fishing. Still, that was years before, and just to drop fish while still abiding by the 1 input= 1 action requirement. I can think of literally nothing else to trigger it. No auto-typers, no bots, no macros, heck even AHK was used very little for fishing (disliked it, too intensive). Its the not knowing what the issue was that's at least part of the problem. Was it just right clicking at rocks, was it my name (Playing WoW), was it something from years before like AHK (again, can't imagine it being that) or was it simply an accident? I just don't know and its frustrating.
  11. Simply put the very definition of a false positive is "An error in some evaluation process in which a condition tested for is mistakenly found to have been detected". In other words, the test for botting yielded an incorrect ban, even if the criteria for the ban was met (sharing an IP with a botter via a VPN). Regardless of whether the system is generally accurate or not, that is the literal definition of a false positive. To add to this, that's how a false positive works, once again literally everywhere. If I take a drug test and I fail it, even though I don't use drugs, that's a false positive, regardless of if it was tripped because I ate a poppy seed bagel (your definition), or for no reason at all. Your definition encompasses part of the idea of a false positive, but it is far too narrow. If a test yields a positive for a condition being met, when that condition is not met in reality, a false positive has occurred. Regardless, this line of discussion isn't germane to the topic at hand anyway and so it doesn't bear continuing. The goal is to see if Jagex is willing to consider that their system, as is true for any system, is imperfect, and account for that. If so, great. If not, well at least I tried.
  12. If a system bans an account for botting which wasn't/hasn't botted, its pretty much the definition of inaccurate. There system may still be good, but like I said false positives exist. Basically, while the system may be "good enough" for most purposes, it would be nice to have recourse for when "good enough" isn't actually "good enough".
  13. Yeah, before I heard about VPN being an issue (just last week) the only possible reason I could think of was rocktails. Now it seems the former is the likely cause. Which sucks because how the hell would I know that was a problem anyway. Still, shows that Jagex's system isn't as accurate as claimed. Personally, I'd take a poly to prove I didn't bot, since well I never botted ever in any game (even when it was IRL cash in Diablo 3) but it isn't like Jagex is going to do that lol. Ah it'd be great to have that account back.
  14. Man wish I had known VPns could cause problems.
  15. Hey guys, as some of you know my main account got banned for allegedly botting in 2014. The biggest issue is that I wasn't botting, nor have I ever botted. There are two things which I believe could have triggered a false positive, but unfortunately Jagex simply form-letter declined the appeal after 6+ months. The first which I thought was the original problem was simply clicking to stay logged in. A simple right click is all that is needed to stay logged in when fishing at rocktails. With porters, urns, and lobsters a trip of ~4'ish hours can be setup easily where all you need to do is click every ~4.5 minutes when a pool of rocktails is up, and move to a new pool when one dies. So since this was during the 2 weeks after WoW had the newest expansion, I was playing WoW on my main monitor, and just right-clicking to keep from logging out. That is one thing which I think could have triggered a false positive. The other, something I just recently learned, is that VPNs can cause issues. I know at one point in the past I used Hola unblocker to watch Archer on the UK Netflix before it was available in the US, but since this was 1.5 years ago I don't know if I was using it at the time. I have a skype conversation from around this period telling a friend about it (so that Pandora would work in Canada) but again, I don't recall exactly what time. Still, its possible that a VPN caused an issue. In any system, a false positive is bound to occur. As such, I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to get a Jmod's attention directly. It'd be nice to get my old account back, especially since I'd not done what I was banned for (nor anything ban-worthy honestly, prior to that I had never had an offense against my account). I'll forestall the inevitable "Jagex's system is good and doesn't ban people who aren't botting. You must have been botting." First, I've heard it before. Obviously as there is no way to prove otherwise the only actual evidence I can provide is my word and my side of the story. After all, one can't prove a negative. What I can say is this: No system is perfect, and false positives must be considered and accounted for in any system. As this is the case here, I'd like another consideration rather than the simple form-denial of my original appeal. Next, for what its worth I'd had a rather clean RS history. No black marks, no botting, and I have people who can vouch for honesty. (Manafi loaned me ~300m (don't remember exactly how much) to buy spider leg after I got an eye to make a staff. Sold the staff and paid him right back instead of running off with that cash). TL;DR, is it possible, and if so how, to get the attention of a Jmod for the purposes of getting an account with a false ban on it unlocked? I know that Jagex CS is better than it has been in the past, so perhaps now someone who'd actually listen is available. Let me know. I'm all ears at this point.
  16. I have heard that VPNs can be a problem. Wonder if Hulu unblocker caused any problems?
  17. Seeing if I can get my acc back. Wish me luck! False bans bleh but Jagex CS is better now I hear.
  18. Might come back and play OSRS on Darkfriend37. Should I? Wait they want 9.49/month for OSRS mems? Wut?
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