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Could i do fight caves?


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I'm about to give Fire Cape my first shot and would like some input on what i should change in my setup to increas my chanses to make it, as well as to see if you think i could do it at all.




My stats will be:


75def, 78att, 87str, 82hp, 55prayer, 70ranged. (99combat)






Full void with ranged helm, snakeskin boots, Rune cbow with addy bolts, archer ring, book of balance, amulet of glory, accumalator.






18 Super Restore Pot


5 Sara Brew


3 Shark


1 Ranged Pot to finish of Jad with!


50 Dragon Bolts(e) to finish of Jad with!




I'm an oldschool player that returned to RS not to long ago, so im not up to date with pots at all, so that is my biggest consern, what should go in my inventory, and why.




So.. Think i Could do it? And if so, what would you have me change to make it as easy as possible?




Thank you!

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well your stats sure arent great, i think if your wearing void you may need a few more sara brews then that. If you can afford i would recommend buying some more tank like gear (so like a torag/verac helm + skirt and dhide body, with a rune shield) and take lke 6-8 brews, rest restores. Also i heard dragon bolts are ineffective against jad, not sure though, might be better taking diamond, or onyx if you really wana blow some cash.




Gratz on first post in 3 years btw ;D

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Hehe.. as I said.. i go way back.. to when there was only 3 servers on rsc :P first post in 3 years... lol..




about the gear.. well.. no.. i cant afford it, therefor void.. ofc i could afford rune kite :D (would it be better then book of balance?)




Wouldnt mind swapping dragonbolts to diamond bolts(e), would save me 150k :P


What should i switch out for extra sara brews? Skip all the sharks?




Thanks for your reply btw!

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okay.. so just using part of a set? I thought the idea was to have to whole set to make it worth while?




What lvl Ranged would you suggest?


Preferably 75, or 80. You are bring range pots I assume?


And theres always different combos for range armor, as some wear parts of different sets.

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