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I was in the basement in Lumbrige by the chest or whatever and this guy came out of nowhere just like in the beginning of regicide. He gave me an armadyl communique and it said stuff about lucien... WHAT'S GOING ON? This happened right after I finished land of the goblins and got the air guitar emote, not sure if it's related...

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It's actually related to the "While Guthix Sleeps" Quest.




It serves as a sort of introduction to the quest, much like the Regicide messenger.




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I haven't started while guthix sleeps in my quest journal... I don't even have the requirements >.< Friends said it had happened to them before wgs even came out...






Nevermind, I understand now =P Thank you

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I'm still not eligible to do the quest, but I got the communique MONTHS ago. I got mine sometime after completing ME II...maybe the next day.

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