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How to stay focused


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I would suggest having something on in the background such as the TV or music. It does help. Have occasional breaks from Hunter, play for an hour or two and then log off and have a walk around or do something different, it's better than constantly grinding at the skill for hours on end. We don't want you to commit suicide now. ;)




A very good method I use which propels me to continue fishing is to price check every once in awhile, I price check every level or 2 and it makes me want to do it more as I gain such large amounts of profit. :thumbup:




If you feel the need to, add variety to the skill and hunt something different, too.

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I have been away from the game for a while so recently to get me back into it.. I do one hour of training one skill, then an hour of another.. of course breaks in between and allthat.


Just do what is fun and you won't get bored!


Rather then set your goal at 99, do it in 5-10 level intervals.. it won't seem so far away.


Remember, reaching level 92 is also only the halfway point to 99.:(



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You could always hunt in a PvP world gaining EP and 26k whenever you reached 40% (1 hour in a "cold" spot?).




Otherwise, take breaks either just from hunting or from Runescape. Play a game of Stealing Creation every two hours. Go on TIF :P


Thanks to Uno for the awsome sig <3

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