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  1. Is this still relevant? I just got back to RS and wanna level [email protected]!
  2. Thanks sis :P I'll probably hit up your CC once I get on and home after the gym. Not many of my old friends play anymore so time to make some new ones :)
  3. Thanks bro. I've been bringing 13 urns with no BoB nets me 72.2K fishing xp (urns plus rocktails) not sure the exact time as I just started though :)
  4. People pay 500k per assist? I will save my construction assists for a person for 250k each? :P
  5. Dam. I thought these were untradeable? Or is that after the water run is added?
  6. Hi Tip.it, It's been a long time, again. Since playing RuneScape from the start it's only natural I take breaks every so often to keep my sanity. I figured I would polish off fishing (rocktails with decorated urns). Is this the best way to 'afk' fish? Also, how many urns do you bring etc? Thanks a lot! Ps* Look forward to dungeoneering. My levels are only gained from Tears of Guthix :S
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-79Z9mHkcw
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-79Z9mHkcw Check this out.. does it get you? If so, let me know how you reacted!
  9. It took 10 years of Firemaking being useless for someone to make a thread :P That said, any improvement at this point would be great - nice post :) Off the top of my head, I would like it to be in conjuction with more skills.. Ie. Agility - Maybe a course that you have to light up each obstacle.. (fire rings, etc..) Thieving - smoke out a tomb/house/etc.. and loot the treasures! Hunter - smoke out animal tunnels Just random examples..
  10. Bro. If you're down to teach I will roll with you. I am a quick leaner, just had other priorities at the moment. STATS in sig.
  11. so location wise, where is the best spot?
  12. I know BD's are known as a pain to do. The crims seem decent enough to make them worthy though, am I correct? If these are worth doing (I have them blocked from ages ago), how should I go about killing them? Stats in sig below, thanks Tip.it!
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