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  1. Is this still relevant? I just got back to RS and wanna level [email protected]!
  2. Thanks sis :P I'll probably hit up your CC once I get on and home after the gym. Not many of my old friends play anymore so time to make some new ones :)
  3. Thanks bro. I've been bringing 13 urns with no BoB nets me 72.2K fishing xp (urns plus rocktails) not sure the exact time as I just started though :)
  4. People pay 500k per assist? I will save my construction assists for a person for 250k each? :P
  5. Dam. I thought these were untradeable? Or is that after the water run is added?
  6. Hi Tip.it, It's been a long time, again. Since playing RuneScape from the start it's only natural I take breaks every so often to keep my sanity. I figured I would polish off fishing (rocktails with decorated urns). Is this the best way to 'afk' fish? Also, how many urns do you bring etc? Thanks a lot! Ps* Look forward to dungeoneering. My levels are only gained from Tears of Guthix :S
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-79Z9mHkcw
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-79Z9mHkcw Check this out.. does it get you? If so, let me know how you reacted!
  9. It took 10 years of Firemaking being useless for someone to make a thread :P That said, any improvement at this point would be great - nice post :) Off the top of my head, I would like it to be in conjuction with more skills.. Ie. Agility - Maybe a course that you have to light up each obstacle.. (fire rings, etc..) Thieving - smoke out a tomb/house/etc.. and loot the treasures! Hunter - smoke out animal tunnels Just random examples..
  10. Bro. If you're down to teach I will roll with you. I am a quick leaner, just had other priorities at the moment. STATS in sig.
  11. so location wise, where is the best spot?
  12. I know BD's are known as a pain to do. The crims seem decent enough to make them worthy though, am I correct? If these are worth doing (I have them blocked from ages ago), how should I go about killing them? Stats in sig below, thanks Tip.it!
  13. What up ya'll? Since Hunting and Agility are two of my lower stats I was intrigued by the barehanded hunting. Is this efficient? Ie. Is it faster exp to do each stat independantly? The best I can do is Ruby Harvest, is there a fast method to these if they are good? (see my stats below)
  14. try the cc 'assist clan' But I also can boost to assist 97 con effigys. Whisper me.
  15. Uh. Why do you want to get to 83 so bad? No rush man, you'll get burnt out. If you're worried about chicks thinking your a nerd when you return to school and don't want to play RS - just tell em you know Bdvo89.
  16. I recommend cannon/melee. Turmoil/piety with extremes pwn em. I've had 6 tasks so far, still no SOL :(
  17. Fletching or Magic since you're close. Although I'd recommend an overall approach and go for all 70s
  18. Since the reward is variable the 'worth' is also variable. I recommend doing elite clues as they come through Slayer. I've done 7 so far and haven't got any worth over 200K..
  19. Bro. Team up with me. I'm in the same boat lol. Let's find a good core and do it up. Stats in sig.
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