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I think this is covered by literal works...Since it is entirely fictional and somewhat comical.




(For the benefit of the reader: I now have a conversation between myself and an imaginary friend, about Runescape and Real Life. I am the one without speech marks.)




What possible benefit is there to having money?


'I can buy things?'


Like what?


'Like stuff I want'




'I don't know...Stuff that I want'


So you don't have a goal in mind you just want stuff




Isn't that a lot like Runescape.


'I don't see the connection'


Well in Runescape you are doing something because you want stuff and if you have money you are doing something because you want stuff.


'I still don't see the connection, RS is JUST a game, RL is real.'


What is the point of RL?


'What kind of a question is that!'


Well what makes RL better than RS?


'Cause its real...'


No it isn't.




Well how is a bunch of people milling around calling a random time a second another random time a minute and yet another random time Wednesday, real? How is it real to talk to people without actually saying anything, because you fear they will critise the true you? How is it real to trade bits of paper and funny coloured metals for goods and services on the unspoken promise that the paper is worth something? Your real world doesn't seem to have anything real about it...in fact it seems like it is entirely in your, and the people around you's, head.


Runescape on the other hand is very real, I can click on an item and it has a definate, unchangable name. Its not like an Apple, which could have been called the green thing from the tree or a Snogalboggle or any number of other things...It is a solid, definate(virtual) item.


'...You are missing the point, RUNESCAPE ISN'T REAL!!!!!!'


Indeed it isn't, but instead of pretending it is real I know that it isn't, yet you continue the persist that the real world is somehow realer.


'Thats because it is!!'


No proof though


'If I hit you with that 2 by 4 you would find out how real it was.'


I might but you wouldn't...Its like proving RS is real by killing another player...see they died....And?




Sigh....I am saying that you cannot infer reality just because you are killing things


'I didn't say that!'


Yes you did...you said that if you killed me the world would be proved to be real.


'No I said if I hit you you would get hurt and then you would know the world was real'




'You would'


No I wouldn't, it could just be a coincidence


'You are getting desperate now.'


Well perhaps, but the point is you cannot prove that anything is real by hitting it...its like pinching yourself in a dream, because you think there should be pain there is pain.


'Look, whether or not the world is real is not the point, the point is that money gets you stuff that you want.'


No it doesn't




Well it doesn't, I want the guy I love to love me, no amount of money will change that.


'Thats free will, you can't change some things.'


So this money thing isn't really able to get you everything you want...


'No, but you can buy other things, other things to make you happy.'


I don't want other things I want him.


'Well you can buy him things then and impress him and then he will love you.'


That doesn't sound very real to me, sounds more like he will love the stuff I give him.


'Which by extension makes him love you.'


No it doesn't, it just proves my point that the real world is entirely false.


'Look, there are somethings you just have to accept and not question'


Why? Why can I not question it?


'Because there are no answers.'


So...Not having an answer doesn't stop the question being asked.


'Whats the point of asking a question which cannot be answered?!'


The point is to find out as many things are you can and to learn from the experiance, what is it they say 'A man who never makes mistakes never makes anything'?


'Thats not really revelent'


Yes it is, it is always worth the attempt, even if you know you will fail


'No it isn't, it better not to fail.'


So instead of failing at one thing in life, you fail at life itself...




You fail at life...you never do anything with your life because you never question anything meaning that whatever is remains and whatever is not remains not. You never make anything because you never make mistakes, you never gain anything because you never risk anything...you just drift though life until you die...never having done anything with your life.


'If you are going to be offensive then I am not going to continue this conversation. And FYI, I do plenty of things in my life. I work, I buy things and I use them.'


Can you give an example?


'I Go-To-Work In-The-Car That-I-Brought'


So you brought a car so you could do more work to do what?


'So that I can buy a better car'




'Because I want to.'


But maybe if you gave the money to someone who actually needed it, or better yet you gave your time to someone who needed it, instead of making money you make people happy.


'But that wouldn't make me happy...how am I going to be happy from helping random people I don't know?'


That is something you are going to have to find out


'In other words you don't know.'


No, in other words you need to find out for yourself, you need to start asking questions-


'I did; you said you didn't know, end of.'


You need to start finding answers, not abandoning the quest at the first hurdle.


'See you are obsessed with RS and Quests.'


No, I am merely using a wider vocabulary.




Sigh... Fine, you need to expand your horzions.


'I go to the museum and on holidays, last summer I saw the Pyramids, which was a better use of my time than playing RS.'


Indeed it is, but what did you actually learn about yourself?


'...You do know what the Pyramids are? There is nothing to learn about myself there because they were build thousands of years ago.'


Could you do it?




Build a Pyramid?




Just could you?


'There would be no point...'


Well clearly there would because then in thousands of years time people could go and see it.


'They wouldn't know I did it though, and I wouldn't get anything out of it.'


Course you would, the organisational skills, the muscles...


'But I don't want to.'


Why not?


'Because there is NO POINT!'


But there is...


'No there isn't! Its a pile of rocks, Ooooooo, how amazing, the best part of the trip was gift shop.'


So you didn't actually learn anything from the trip.




I could have gone to the library to get a book, you didn't need to go there.


'Yes I did, it was an experiance.'


A pointless experiance, you didn't get anything out of it except a book that you could have got here.


'No because I always wanted to go to see the Pyramids.'




'Because I did.'


So no point then...


'It is historical, it is a great achievement.'


You just said it was pointless.


'No I said if I did it it would be pointless'


So because other people did it it is worthwhile.






'Because they wanted to!'








So concludes the conversation. I know it will be easy for me to get into a debate about the subject matter so can I ask that we limit responses to literary points...AKA: I think it was realistic, I don't think it was realistic, because... ::'




Thank you :thumbsup:

Well I knew you wouldn't agree. I know how you hate facing facts.

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I agree with the character who thinks that RS is not "real". "Real life" is called so for a reason, it is our standard for what is real and what is not. The very arguments the anti-RL character was using, such as that we have to worry about what others think and such is what makes it all the more real; we are accountable for our actions, and don't have a username as a sense of anonymity to mask ourselves with.




I won't even give an opinion on the money aspect of the conversation, as I'm still on the fence for the importance of money in my life. But I will say that I do think it is an oxymoron to work, to make money, to be happy, given that you do not enjoy working and do not have some monetary obligation towards your family (or some mafia thug).


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