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BGS Investment


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Would this be a good investment for 1-4 days? I don't want to keep it, but seeing as all the 26kers have my money that they didnt have before, would this be a quick moneymaker? It's risen 2m in 5 days...so I was thinking to buy now, then sell 1-2 days before they nerf pvp...




yes or no?



what i'm doing now:


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wow you post a lot of questions here


As generald advice, never buy a rising item and never sell a crashing item unless you have a good erason that it is gonna continue doing w/e its doing. wait 1 update after it crashes and buy for min or something.

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Ge updates are random. And I would suggest holding onto it because all items will most likely continue to rise over time if pvp isnt nerfed soon.


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When does GE update?




Usually around evenings @ GMT +1.

Dragon drops: 82 (2 claws)

Dagannoth kings drops: 73

Barrows item count: 51

GWD drops: 54 (5 hilts: 1x bandos, 3x saradomin, 1x zamorak)

Whips: 4

Sigils: 1x spectral (FFA), 1x arcane (FFA)

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