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getting into shilo


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you can tele in using the karmja glvoes 3 from the achivement diary




and you can get there by cart near the brimhaven docks






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If you completed Karamja Diary all tasks you can teleport there. From Brimhaven you can take cart ride. Of course you need to do Shilo Village quest before.




Edit: I am too slow :S


[hide=Goals and drops]Goals: attack 99, herblore 96, all stats 1m exp

Quest Cape: 10.02.2008, Air Guitar: 18.03.2008, Combat 120: 23.01.2010, All Achievement Diaries Hard Tasks: 31.01.2010

All Stats 50: 12.03.2008

All Stats 60: 02.08.2009

All Stats 70: 28.02.2010

Total 1500: 05.03.2008

Total 1600: 16.09.2008

Total 1700: 01.08.2009

Total 1800: 26.01.2010

Total 1900: 06.06.2010

Total 2000: 11.03.2011

Drops: 4 plateskirt, 2 platelegs, 3 med helm, 11 boots, 5 whip, 2 dagger[/hide]

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