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99 summoning


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I have around 200mil in my bank, and i'm trying to invest it in something nice. I thought of 99 summoning, since those pack yaks and steel titans are totally cool.




Does anyone know how far I will get if I spend 200 Mil on ice burst to kill Rock Lobsters for charms?




How long will it take to get enough charms?




I have 80 summoning already.


And I will barrage when I hit 94 magic.


Thx in advance :thumbup:

+ Saxon is right :P

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1 hour at Rock lobsters equals approximately 65k in summoning xp. You will approx. 11m summoning xp, so that's about 169 (damn) hours at rock lobsters. You'll spend about 600k each hour there, so that's 101m just by rock lobsters.




Here's a great calculator to figure out your summoning costs:


http://users.telenet.be/glodenox/Charms ... ttern.html

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