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Gloves of Silence


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You must have 54 hunter to wear. Gloves of Silence will wear out after so many uses. They can be repaired by using one dark kebbit fur on them while carrying a knife, needle and thread. Repairing gloves requires 64 crafting. Wear status is shown when checking the gloves (or 'operating' them when worn). The messages are as follows:


These gloves are new.


These gloves are in good condition.


These gloves are starting to look quite shabby.


These gloves are starting to need repair.


These gloves are in need of repair!


These gloves are about to fall apart!


If you continue pickpocketing after the last message, your gloves will vanish and you will see "Your gloves of silence have worn out."




To answer your question, I think it's with uses based on what I've read. ^^


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Well I've been recording failures, exp gain, and uses while pickpocketing master farmers with the gloves. The only statistic that has stayed the same over the last 5 gloves has been 63 failed pickpockets from new to dead status on the gloves. Maybe this is only the statistic for master farmers, or maybe it's for all npcs.

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Hero Zero67 helped me test out my theory on guards. He ended up with 63 failures until glove destruction too. And since guards do 2 damage when you fail, as opposed to the master farmers' 3, that eliminates the possibility of the gloves having an "HP amount" set to them.

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