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Abstract-ish Tag C/C Please


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It feels kind of empty to me. I've noticed this happens whenever I attempt to make a tag and not follow a tutorial. I mean, whenever I follow a tutorial, the end product feels sort of finished. But when I'm on my own, I always have this feeling that the tag could use a little something more.




What do you guys think it needs?

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The only reason it's empty is because of the position of the subject. If it was moved up about ~50 Pixels, it would be better. Also, make the focal more clear. It looks a little flat. And add what eckered suggested.

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Thanks to my awesome method of copying everything that's visible and pasting a lot, moving the orb-thing isn't possible -.-






I'm not even sure what it's supposed to be anymore... I think I'll just go work on a new one :?

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I would of shown the completed orb, I was waiting a bit for the picture to load (you know how it sometimes does from top to bottom) and then realised it was finished. Seems unfinished to me, still a great job!

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