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Aviansies Tanking


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Ok this is what I'm thinking for my setup




Head:Torag's Helm


Body:Armadyl Chestplate/Black Dragonhide


Legs:Dharok's Legs


Amulet: Fury (i already have this)/Armadyl Pendant


Gloves:Zamorakian Vambraces


Legs:Snakeskin Boots


Ring:Ring of Life






The thing is, I'm not sure whether it's worth 14m to get armadyl chestplate. While it would let me use a fury and get the def bonuses, 14m is a lot to pay for that.




So opinions?

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nman I don't have barrows gloves, and my skills are lacking =] There's no way I can get barrows gloves any time soon and I really want to get a dfs and full armadyl (just because it looks cool =]).




So yeah, btw I'm going to get 70 defence and I have 85 range. Is the armour enough for me to survive on b2p alone?

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only thing i can say is might wanna bring sara item as seeing if you are gonna range by gyser there are sara enemy there and bring excalibur even if its not enchanted for def spec




assuming you are using rune c bow then bring zammy book and use broad arrows



99 defence reached 7/7/09

99 strength reached 12/28/08


barrow drop since 7/7/09

ahrims top(1), guthan spear(1), dharok legs(1), verac helm(1)

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I won't be ranging by the geyser, because it's always packed ><




I'm going to go across with the grapple, and just stay there. So I won't need a sara item.




Any other items, I was thinking granite shield because it gives 65 ranged defense. I don't have zammy book because I use a defender atm. So what's better +65 ranged defense or +16 ranged attack?? I was just thinking that I'm going to be there for 2 weeks, it'd be best to use as few b2p as possible by getting high ranged defense.




56 defense atm, 14 levels to go ><

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