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Game to play while grinding


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I am always on the lookout for other games around the web that can be played during that time in Runescape when you're just waiting. During that time between switching fishing spots, trees, etc. Lately I've been playing Evony, a strategy game with a large pvp aspect. It's the kind of game where I can pop in and start a new building, train armies, or research while a load of fish is cooking.




What games do you playing during Runescape waiting time? Let me know!




If you would like to join me on Evony use this url: http://azcardsfan-1.evony.com




That will send you to my server and I can help you get started. The name on there is Zevlupus, same as here and Runescape.

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Lol I swear Evony is advertised everywhere... and they put a girl on every advert to lure people in, it amuses me. :D




But I just browsed forums and watched YouTube when I used to play...


Thanks to Quarra for the awesome sig!

Xbox360 Gamertag = Tintin113

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