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  1. On a different note to what everyone else is talking about, I've been playing Hearthstone and Dead Island: Epidemic. Hearthstone is a free-to-play tcg by Blizzard which is actually really fun and has cool mechanics. It's a little annoying when players with infinitely better cards beats you because they either paid for packs or have been grinding a lot, but it's still very fun. Dead Island: Epidemic is also free-to-play but it's a zombie-smashing moba still in beta. I really enjoyed Dead Island (not played Riptide yet), despite its faults. DI:E is quite fun, but nothing to shout home about. Replayability seems pretty low so far, there's three game types and once you've played one game of each, it feels a bit like you've played them all.
  2. I've been watching the anime and the fansubbers are atrocious also. I would die happy if I never saw the word 'nakama' untranslated again.
  3. The idea they don't have current backups is silly, but what the most likely thing is that they're formatted different to the old 2007 ones were. There may be incremental backups, backing up only what changes were made so a rollback can be done in the event of an issue - but without saving the entire game state every single time. But no, not interested in old pre EOC. Boring.
  4. Yes. Yes I do. I don't like fizzy drinks so de-fizzed Dr Pepper and Tia Maria for me. I also have Baileys or Vodka and Orange/Fruit Juice if I want to change it up a little bit. If I'm out at a bar (which has happened about once in my lifetime) I'll just get Vodka and Coke or Orange and grin and bear any fiziness that ensues.
  5. 9 months for a 5 second fix, pretty much sums up everything about Jagex. I think they probably have more important things to worry about. Strange thing to take umbrage to.
  6. RuneScape doesn't feel like it's stagnated anymore. Maybe it's because I've only been back for a month, but maybe it's because the awkward transition between the old RuneScape with all it's nostalgia and naivete and the new RuneScape with it's professional marketing and microtransactions is done. I think they've proven that RuneScape isn't going to go down so easily and I feel like even if player numbers are dwindling - the value of those players is more important. There's no difference between 2 players spending £5 each on membership or 1 player spending £5 on membership and another £5 in the store. Player numbers aren't the be-all and end-all. Even if they are going down.
  7. Racheya


    I've been swimming 3 times over the last 3 weeks, I'm not particularly good at it so I thought this summer would be a good chance to try and improve. I can do 25m - a length, but that's it. I've had lessons fairly recently and I know all about *how* to swim properly, but I still struggle. I have asthma so my lung capacity is fairly non-existent. I can't make it that 25m without gasping for breath. And because I struggle with breathing so much I know my stroke isn't even close to ideal. I'm just hoping more practice will help because I know I would enjoy swimming if I didn't feel like it was a battle against death every stroke :P
  8. So not been particularly impressed with Monogatari - far too much focus on Hanekawa when she's already had 2 arcs. Watamote - love it, reminds me far too much of what I was like as a teenager. The world god only knows 3 - Good so far, only recently watched the previous 2 seasons. I kind of wish that there had been a bit more of the back story filled in. There's a big gap between Season 2 and this one - watching the OVA helps a bit but there's still a lot of story that has to be explained. Fate/Kalied Liner Prisma Illya - Only watching it because it's Fate/Stay even though it's not really. Pretty average magical girl show with tenuous links to Fate/Stay. And that is my summary of the new season - oh and Kyojin continues to be awesome.
  9. Recently watched 3 films at the cinema: Monster's University - Fine. alright but hardly one of the best Pixar films ever. Doesn't have any real feels to it. Pacific Rim - Awesome. Loved the action, felt the story wasn't too stupid. Giant robots done really well. Man of Steel - Crap. Had a good start to it but by the end I was just amazed by how much wanton destruction was going on. Like seriously, Superman will stop a fight to catch a single falling guy but he will throw enemies through petrol stations, tankers and Skyscrapers, surely killing hundreds and thousands of people in the process.
  10. Never considered that before, but I like it. New headcannon accepted.
  11. Just want to chime in and say that even if you're unsure - go for it. Being on the EP is a great experience.
  12. Yeah gargantia is decent but kyojin is definitely the best this season. Enjoying hataraku quite a bit though.
  13. Been playing Sanctum 2 and its pixelly younger sibling Super sanctum TD. Both very absorbing games. Sanctum 2 brings great fps aspects to tower defence, probably better than orcs must die 2 imo. And I've found TD to be a wonderfully replayable game with nice graphics and great mechanics.
  14. Looper: 8/10 -good action with a nice concept. Liked the ending and found the film to have a lot of unexpected emotion to it. Star trek the original motion picture: 5/10 - pretty naff, probably nice for the time but despite being a trekkie I've never been into TOS. Far too many slow pans and scenes with nothing seemingly happening. Star trek 2: the wrath of Khan: 7/10 - much better film, great balance of action and plot. Better acting, better plot, just all around better. Star trek Into Darkness: 5/10 - I had the misfortune of watching this abomination in the cinema. It was a good action film with some solid acting performances but it didn't even vaguely resemble a Star Trek film. The opening truly angered me and from there the film just leaped from one trailer-previewed action piece to another. The plot was average and I'm just left extremely disappointed, especially since I liked the 2009 reboot film. Cant say I expected anything better from a film called 'into darkness' by a director who admits he doesn't even like Star Trek. [/rant]
  15. This is what every goodreads review consists of and it does my head in. Also, Stat Trek Into Darkness annoys the hell out of me for far more reasons than I care to go into right now. Good action film, appallingly terrible Star Trek film.
  16. Episode 8... But mainly fashion spoilers
  17. I really like an image which has gone around the internet which says Men should be offended when people say Women shouldn't drink, walk at night or wear certain clothes or they'll get raped. Because it implies a mans default status is 'rapist' and that if we don't take precautions then they will rape. Does it not make sense to say 'Men shouldn't rape' than 'women shouldn't let themselves get raped'. I'm saying this on a purely theoretical level, unfortunately in day to day life I have to say that women should avoid bring drunk in those sorts of situations, even though it is putting the onus on the victim to change their behaviour.
  18. I believe in paying the Iron Price for my GoT.
  19. Racheya


    Just off the top of my head, paste bin.
  20. Finished Bioshock Infinite and The walking dead over the last week. Had to say i cried my eyes out at TWD and Bioshock had me kinda sad. I don't know what to so with myself after finishing all these feely games.
  21. Think the world god only knows is on the cards to be watched soon. Angel beats was amazing. Clannad pulls my heartstrings more but I still get massive feels from the last ep of AB.
  22. They aren't as good. Hell, even the creator of the visual novels said that he cant top steins;gate. Chaos;head is ok and I've not watched enough robotics;notes but theyre definitely not as good. update on what I'm watching: Just finished danshi kokousei no nichijou and medaka box abnormal. Watching Kotoura san, Sasami san, little busters and tamako market. Gj-bu has already been dropped and Tamaki market might go.
  23. I tend to play 1 or 2 at a time. I used to play more, maybe Runescape another mmo and something. Atm its really only 1 or 2. I don't count my occasional dalliances with puzzle pirates for poker purposes.
  24. I can vouch for the existence of the illegal posts, drugs and strippers forum. On topic, my lack of time. Since starting work I've been frequently overwhelmed by my lack of free time. It wasn't too bad before Xmas since i stopped going to the gym but now I'm going regularly again I keep getting hit by apathy. I think things like "i haven't been able to play a game in days", and despite being such a little thing its little things like that which get on my nerves.
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