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Abbyssal Whip


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Six days ago I sold my whip at 2.4m, about when it peaked, hoping to make some money when I bought it back after the crash. According to the graph whips appear to be going back up after a short drop. My question is will it drop again, or will it continue rising? If it keeps dropping I wouldn't buy it back, and hope for it to drop below 1.9 or so, but if it rises again, should I buy it back then maybe sell it at its peak?




To sum it up:


1) Will the whip rise or fall?


2) Should I buy mine back or hope the price goes down?

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it will have another drop just wait for it, but it when it hits 1.6mill


That will be after they fix the 26k trick, and everything deflates.


That will probably be sometime this week.


hopefully this week because i want to buy back my ags and whip and other stuff that i sold



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