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Elemental Workshop I

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Unfortunately I did this part already, but I found while attempting to get the water flowing, there is an easy way to tell the combination.




The quest guide mentions that the player should first turn the right valve, then the left. It then goes on to say that the combination might vary, so to just keep trying till the water flows.




I'd like to make two clarifications. If you have the right combination, you should know because the little red splotch above each valve should turn green. If you turn the second valve and the splotch stays red, then that isn't the correct combination.




Secondly, could the clarification be inserted that the water won't start flowing until after the player pulls the lever?




I have uploaded a "post" shot with my updated quest guide and the two green blobs in the background.




Thank you!

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Your changes have been confirmed in game and the guide has been updated. Thanks Aurhora!


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