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training herblore 64-70


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I was gonna grow my own kwuarms inbetween w/e im doing to get farming 67-70+ then get 64-70 herb making super strengths, i'll also grow limps while im doing the kwuarms. Make sup str's into 4 and sell max on ge in the end.




Is there any better way, keep in mind im not really into spending money, especially on herblore.




I'd rather farm kwuarms and use them then farm rannars/snaps and sell them for money for herblore.

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I personally like doing super attack pots. Do mass irit growing and just buy the eye of newt of the ge.


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wouldnt super strengths be more experience, more money, and much faster then sup att's?


It might be, but you might want to think about if you sold the Kwuarms and bought other herbs, cheaper herbs, you might get more exp from the same money you spent. Its like when using MTK, would you rather collect herbs/flax, or spend money on coal and be able to buy more herbs/flax from selling the coal and buying rather then collecting.




According to http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Calculators/Potions its cheaper to make super attack pots then super strs. you might be able to sell the kwuars, buy irits and make more super attack pots. But you can always stick to your plan.

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