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You have a valid point.




However, I'd wager that most people with GWD armour don't go to the KBD anymore ... from what I hear the KBD is pretty lame compared to all the new bosses we've gotten since.




I'll leave this topic for others to post opinions.


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As we are looking at the mage defences wile fighting the KBD :


Karil's Leathertop + 65


Karil's Leatherskirt + 35








Armadyl Chestplate + 70


Armadyl Legs + 40




so it's a +5 defence bonus on both the plate and the legs.




So if you have the money to afford stuff like this, it's probably worth it. :thumbsup:




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Hey there,

I've edited the KBD Guide to include Armadyl items for both the melee and range setups. Thanks to both you and Mdeoxys for helping out!


PM me with any questions.

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