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  1. Better or worse than Itunes?
  2. Get to the level to do green dhide bodies (63?), then do that for the rest of the way. Do it with sc needles and it shouldn't cost too much. (3m?)
  3. yo dawg read mai blog? okthx

  4. Quick and easy...I have 66 smithing, need 70. I have enough sc hammers for the last 230k xp or so. Whats the cheapest/best to smith? Ive heard mith arrow heads but do they sell?
  5. People love the slave idea. Maybe like....30k points=___ slave. 50k=_____slave. All for maybe 3 hours or something
  6. 70 pray, range, 78 hp, 80 att, str, 75 def. Do I have a chance at beating him? (Very inexpirienced in fight caves)
  7. IN the Fremmy Diary. The Medium tasks do not list starting garden of tranquility. You must at least get to the part where you get a ring of choras(a) to finish the medium diary. (Sorry if this should go in quests, wasnt sure)
  8. I hope they do what they did yesterday with all the minigames to slow things down. redo the rewards for castle wars, Blast furnace, Pest Control, and others to get more people to play them.
  9. So you know the city, but still not the exact location nor his name >_> Like I said, they simply have to contact your ISP. It's happened before by different companies. Since he is members, they should also have access to his name/address I believe.
  10. 10/10 Qhat top and bottom is that in the outfit?
  11. It's all your choice. If you want to be hit less, def, want to hit higher, str, want to hit more often/accuratly? Attack. Do whatgever you want. If I were you, get them all to 30, then you can start getting one much higher than the other.
  12. Agent1777

    Quest cape :D

    Gratz! :thumbsup:
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