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    World - HYT

    99, most TiFers were in 99 IIRC for a long time, including myself, so yeah :p
  2. Cool, best of luck with the loot! Might stop by :)
  3. I actually remember being disappointed when I realized the great mythical "North" was just that region of snow with the ritual icon. Even as I was doing RotM, I kept thinking we were going to travel to some continent far north of the wilderness that would be this awesome mystical Mahjarrat realm. Then the quest was over and I was like, oh..that was the North.
  4. At least they didn't require stuff like strange token drops from DG. That would be 'true mastery' but they decided to leave it out because of 1/50,000 RNG. Agreed, though, with your point.
  5. You're welcome to PM @Arceus or @Stev. OT: Reddit, RS Wiki, and Jagex completely checking out of caring for fansites. The nature of RS Wiki and reddit allow them to become fundamentally bigger communities with greater wealths of knowledge much faster than a forum and site with a team of less than ten. Even if our crew was in full force, we could not compete. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing. RS Wiki is limited in its abilities to create unique tools, something we welcome suggestions for (e.g. DGSweeper, Ports calculator, x y z planner, calculator, simulator). We have the capability to create anything we want via custom web design, whereas the wiki format is restrictive to articles and various scripts (suggestions welcome). I also far value the forum discussions here - they are much more real and substantive than reddit comments 'lol' 'nice' 'cool' '10/10'.
  6. Added and credited, thank you, saywuuuut!
  7. They're blue dragon bots if they're at Taverley Bank. Amusingly this quick chatting draws more attention to the fact that they're botting, and likely leads to more reports.
  8. And 1 year later, I'm still impressed with how much this show moves my emotions over other television series.
  9. Now I'm hiding in Soul Wars, if you can manage it without 3 FPS...
  10. So isn't your issue more with thread bumping than post deletion?
  11. Is it an attuned crystal bow? You're likely not being healed quickly enough because of the low tier weapon. Could also upgrade to armadyl gloves or swift gloves. Blood necklace is also pretty essential to healing more than taking damage with this setup.
  12. Yeah I feel you, that's why I took a leave of absence from Crew one time. I couldn't stand all the social media nutcases, but don't worry, in ten years they'll all be in insane asylums for daring to use any software made in the last ten years. Can you believe, we primarily use Chrome, and not IE? It gets worse, we actually use HTML5. I know, I know. I've tried to talk to the administrators about downgrading. We probably should switch to the vastly superior IRC and save ourselves from the NSA hackers. I know they've been dying to get intel on Tip.It's latest guides these past few months. Their director's son is going for 120 Slayer and needs the best task prefer/block list. I'll discuss this with the administrators and report back. Guys please please like this forum post so my social media ego validation can be fulfilled. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/FatefulSign But actually, best of luck to those applying. Once you get past the mandatory Facebook and Instagram like contests (or the Tumblr argument competitions), it's really quite fun! :)
  13. The replay mechanic was advertised as a cool feature, but after replaying three times it feels like excuse content - since they didn't make anything more than shortened, reskinned versions of the original four. Like hey, we realized that the quest(s) are actually pretty short and 70% copy-pasted, so you can replay them so the update seems bigger! Rewards were unimaginative. XP lamps always scream we-couldn't-think-of-anything to me. Tasks set rewards useless. Cosmetics, except for Arrav, pretty bad (oh yay I can't wait to show off my cool black priest gown replacements to people). Darklight reward is the only thing that grabbed my attention as being "worth it." Would've been more interesting (and obvious...I thought) to have Dimension gear and/or weapons a la RFD gloves/kitchen weapons. Would've also liked to see a more diverse pathway to obtaining the chromatic party hat rather than grindscape slap-on requirement of 200k. Granted, it isn't as long to obtain as other things in RS. On the plus side, however... The most fun I had with the new dimension was exploring the environment unrelated to the quests - funny easter eggs and clever dialogues with Pauline Polaris, seeing Solomon in the bottle, et cetera. They did that humor immersion stuff very well. Tiny Zemo was really cute and funny. Other random things like the titles of the books in the bookcases were well done. They should keep that up. Quest dialogues making fun of themselves were enjoyable.
  14. Abyssal demon blood bursting 10/10 would slay again.
  15. Back to back visage drops at celestials. This makes up for the hours I'd spend like 7 years ago camping black dragons at 70 ranged when they were ~18m.
  16. Or keepsake keys that allow you to assign ingame items as overrides, e.g. partyhats.
  17. This day just keeps getting better and better. Araxxi's eye on my 2nd kill ever!
  18. First boss pet, totally unexpected, my first time trying DKS! :D
  19. This is an awesome override! Worth it, in my opinion. "You're next..."
  20. That feeling when almost a quarter of your lifetime XP happened this month:
  21. Even if this was already suggested, I think my idea for the use-item-on-NPC-to-create-counter would eliminate any objections. RuneLabs link: Custom "My-NPC-Here" Kill Counter (Slayer Point Purchase Item) Even though I hate BondScape, if they don't go for the slayer points unlock idea, I could see this being a good bond rental/purchase item a la wealth evaluator. Reddit post (upvote!): http://www.reddit.com/r/runescape/comments/2wf7g2/custom_mynpchere_kill_counter_slayer_point/
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