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  1. I remember LKJ. We used to hang out at the Barb Outpost when it was still next to the Legends Guild.
  2. No, I don't. Not really. I haven't played any new content in over a year. I just pop in out of curiosity. My opinions are those of someone who left the game because of a variety of reasons.
  3. I often wonder if we as players are too jades for the game anymore or if Jagex cannot hit the mark anymore. Unless these days the mark isn't in customer satisfaction, but in the balance of getting just enough satisfaction for a minimum of resources.
  4. What changed and why? I'd like to know.
  5. You could have any one of the dead forums and just take it.
  6. Or, quite honestly: Runescape and Not Runescape. And yes yes yes, a thousand times yes to over moderation. Way too many people with too much power, too many differing opinions, and no recourse to a Mod's decision once made.
  7. Mod Emily. Used to be a rather active forum mod. I remember her most for trying to respond to people in the Recent Updates forum after an update and for giving info on imminent updates. I always liked her.
  8. I've never really cared for this topic as I've always been of the opinion that it promoted unhealthy gameplay. Clearly his gaming habits are indicitive of unhealthy behavior.
  9. Wait, someone who was celebrated for having almost no life and spending far, far too much time playing a game suffers from emotional issues? The Hell you say!
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