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Need 76K trick partner..

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I'm 113 combat f2p ... 122 mem combat...


Make sure that you are arround these levels either by having 122 f2p or mem combat or making it up by withdrawing a summoning potion (if ur 95 f2p and 113 with summoning.. withdrawing a pouch from ur bank makes me kill you as if you are 113 in a member world)..


I don't 26k .. :shame:


Only 76k. :mrgreen:




I might even get with u some ep ...


I will be always updating my ep in this thread


I could accept to have many partners to do with the trick.. I don't mind at all.


Post here because I'm not always on runescape. :oops:


RSN: jackata2


Current EP:









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No more ruin Economy Pl0x. :(


^Hawt new Siggy^ Made by yours truly.

Yeah, Spanish class is where everything funny happens.

Click To see my Origami gallery!

[hide=Important drops]Important drops..... Bandos Tassets x2

Dragon medium helm x 1

Dragon pickaxe x 1 (6m)

Verac's Brassard x 1

Veracs's Helm x 2

Verac's Skirt x 1

Guthan's Helm x 2

Guthan's spear x 1

Karil's Leatherskirt x 1

Karil's C'bow x 1

Dharok's Helm x 1 (4.6m)[/hide]

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