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LND vs POR - Matched CWA


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Legends Never Die vs Pirates Of RuneScape




LND Starting: 21 (dropped +1 DC)


POR: 14 (dropped 1 due to DC)








LND Ending: 11


POR Ending: 0




LND went into this fight after dropping a good deal of higher levels to match POR, during LND's first the POR member accidentally cabbage teleported guiving us an earlier than expected 1 man Lead, after that we hit a lower level and gained a 2 man lead. POR kept it between 1 and 2 kills for a little but LND after a KO and epic sniper work extended it to 3 then 4 and so on. Binding from LND was epic, anti snipe done well and sniping was emmence. Was a good fight POR, enjoyed it.


Starting Opts Full








Starting Opts After Dropping








Ending Opts







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