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Defense Ranger Questions ( Range Tank?) F2p, Alot of opinion


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I'm currently thinking of making a defense ranger or converting my Def/prayer tank to range.








my first question is




Should a f2p Defense ranger have prayer? (44 prayer for eagles eye?)




Combat level 67


Hitpoints : 64


Defense : 40


Prayer : 44


Range : 75


Max hit : 12 ( no prayer no potion and addy arrows, rapid)


Max hit w/ Eagle eyes : 14








Combat level 67


hitpoints : 71


defense : 40


Prayer : 1


Range: 82


Max hit : 13 (addy arrows, rapid)




Is it worth it to lose 7 hitpoints to hit 1 more damage with prayer? and also consider the benefits of protect from melee,range, and mage?






My 2nd question :




Does it make a difference to level defense pass 40 perhaps to 70? for a f2p def ranger.


The whole point of the 40 defense is to wear the green d'hide body. ( Yes i know it requires dragon slayer, even with the strength exp given it will not affect combat levels)




Will 60 defense or 70 defense help alot against melee or keep 40 defense and increase range levels to hit more?




Build 1


Combat level 70


Hitpoints : 68


Prayer : 1


Defense : 70


Range : 75


Max hit : 12 (addy, rapid)




Build 2


Combat level 70


Hitpoints : 74


Prayer : 1


Defense : 40


Range : 86


Max hit : 14 (addy, rapid)




Defense W/ Prayer


Build 3


Combat level 70


Hitpoints : 68


Prayer : 44


Defense : 40


Range : 79


Max hit : 13


Max hit w/ Eagle Eyes: 15




Build 4


Combat level 70


Hitpoints : 63


Prayer : 44


Defense : 70


Range : 65!


Max hit : 11


Max hit w/ Eagle Eyes: 12


(note 70 defense w/ Prayer ( Protect from melee, Range, and Mage) Will the defense make up for the lack of attack?















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Mid level Pvp? The main thing I would watch out for is ko ablility.


Prayer helps for a ko burst attack or defend against a ko rush if you switch prayer wisely.


Running out prayer is also a sign to retreat, rather than engaging an long and consuming fight.




More hp might help, but for your level, lets say your foe have around 90 strength. Their ko with r2h is just around 30, you should be safe with 62+hp


But beaware, if they are rich enough to get a cdbx, they can hit up to 37 for a ko.




Not sure about the def part thou.

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In my opinion Range Tanks are like Berzerker Pures in the way that you have to nearly max them out in order to get the most out of them. At low levels you're dealing with a lot of 1 defence pures who will either hit you hard or run once they find out you're a tank. Once you move out of their level range you'll be fighting a lot more accounts like yours along with regular accounts which weren't created with PvP in mind.




I'd personally suggest:




Att: -


Str: -


Def: 90/99






Mage: -/85/99






Have the attack and strength under what would make you dominant in melee. You generally won't be using melee so they don't matter a whole lot, aside from training defence.




Your magic won't really matter if you're F2P, unless you want teleblock or teleports.




The prayer is a toss-up as there are benefits to each. The lower the level the lower your combat, but once you get to a higher level of prayer it's best just to go all the way. You could always go with 1 and then increase it if you feel it's necessary. I personally believe 44/90/99 is the way to go with a range tank. Especially if you make it a P2P account at any time, as you could easily tank Avansies or go on Armadyl trips.




Just my opinions on making a range tank. ::'




Indexed Picture 1

Indexed Picture 2


Killed my maxed Zerker pure April 2010


Rebooting Runescape



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