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  1. Actually speaking of this topic... I tried to restart an ancient PC to try to launch RS NXT now (i5 3xxx series "U"). It complained my intel graphics driver is not updated... but intel dont offer any more update driver for old CPUs. Somehow it freeze with similar issues, I checked the data is not streaming. I used to have it run at ultra without any AA or Ambient Occulation with 30 fps+. Maybe the specs required is higher now?
  2. While waiting for those invention pros to pass by, the unofficial wiki should have the data, although the research is still ongoing. But I suppose those rich people would simply spend the money on "rare" components for gizmo shells perks and won't have the problem you get. Since the materials are mutually exclusive and uncommon components all have around 3% chance, in theory we should get the cheapest item with the least parts that can be break down into. But practically we will have to use the best money to junk chance buyables. Not sure about the item for light components, since light components are generally not really useful for anything. For dual wields, perks go for both items, except efficient (reduce drain rate) and enlightened (increase item xp), but since each one hand item only got 1 gizmo slot to use, you will be most likely installing efficient in both hands anyway...
  3. Plz tell me jagex isnt going to completely rewrite the lore of the conflict between black and white knights. The whole the two used to both protect falador until the white knights when middle ages and kicked out anyone not following saradomin. If they turn the black knights into plain power hungry stereotypes I will flip. I agree that this is a sudden change of plot for no reason. It was always the temple / white knights who are the power hungry ones who kidnapped the king and oppress the prince (Burthorpe), while the black knights have stayed in line with their new (installed) lord daquarius. Both factions may want power and revenge, but certainly not wealth or resources.
  4. I guess I may need some help for bumping in rsof. http://postimg.org/image/kbhqz7hb7/full/ UPDATE: http://postimg.org/image/vakkrue77/full/ http://postimg.org/image/ap5szxwmb/full/
  5. I love greater surefooted and poison purge. (And of cause the almighty JoT as well) Greater surefoot is the tricky one, because it has a hidden secondary effect; which is unlimited run energy for 40mins. Same effect with the energy spa, except with a longer duration and without the need to physically get to the spa. Basically an all-rounder speed booster for skilling when your primary aura is on cooldown.
  6. However no one can create new accounts in RS1 servers. If they want to promote old school, bring in the F2P to RS1.
  7. Even if there are beta testers, didnt we all say prayer and summon affect combat? Relieved that they didnt actually buff monsters back to horrific levels in temple trekking.
  8. 5 min cooldown for rejuv is just too much, way to go for "increasing difficulty". Also, they hyper buff the non-degradable amour with strength bonus, degradeables are next to worthless.
  9. Hmm, runecraft and thieving... which is easier to 90?
  10. They put rwt against the rules which is what they banned them for I am confused. Isnt RWT = Real World Trading?
  11. Bot leaders banned, ok... Me gusta. But Dice leader? Do they even put gambling in their rules before banning?
  12. If I am you, I wont call this panic. This is the best opportunity, ever!
  13. The 200 free coins banner doesnt show up in firefox for some odd reason. Does show up in IE and those webkit clones.
  14. The title part seems buggy as well. I suspect it is not an intended push.
  15. Creatures in polypore are peaceful as long as he dont try stabbing anything that moves. I wonder how the quest will change after combat beta, since you dont get exp until you have killed the monster, I wonder how can he level up while hitting the boss. (Or maybe they just will just leave it and keep the new player puzzling like the seal of passage part in blood runs deep) Stat spy? Will try.
  16. I still prefer the "more damage wins" model than the "first to tag monster". Cannon aoe tagging isnt fun.
  17. There are going to be a lot more wands. Ahrim's wand is one of them, so it'll probably be somewhat cheap. Death runes seem like they'd drop, but it's too soon to say how things will end up. Remember, this is the beta. The real update isn't coming out for SEVERAL MONTHS. Please hold your speculations, everybuddy. Speaking of confusing trading shenanigans... what is wrong with this picture? I dub thee betards. It is not a speculation, it is affecting the live GE. Besides, the new wands are all rare drops and I wont expect them to be cheap. Void mace is equal to bat wand. Edit: Uh, not holding it of cause.
  18. buy barkimnel bolts nao! Anyway, what will be the best dungeoneering weapon combo?
  19. Speaking of prayer nerf, I am really interested on seeing how the new Jad will work.
  20. We've gone over this question countless times on TIF. The overwhelming response is no. Other than a few people who play RS full-time, Runescape is pretty much solely a 'time filler' that people play when they're bored or have nothing else to do. While working IRL for minimum wage would be a lot more productive, there aren't many jobs that you can do in the times that a lot of people play RS (ie: a little before school, during breaks, late night, etc). Number four means nothing if you don't provide numbers one through three to put it in perspective. I would don't agree with the 'time filler' nor with the nothing to do. I don't play RS when I'm bored, I play RS because it's fun. I'm limited by how much I can play RS by other commitments in my life. It's not arrogant to expect that of other people. They do have other things they could do, but they're choosing RS for whatever reasons. Now, why did I ask for a dollar amount? Because value of time can be vague. Some don't think it's worth much while others strongly protect their time. With a dollar value, you can put counter arguments on how people spend their time as much as people have posted about how I and others spend money. Have I wasted the thousands of hours I spent on exercise or studying because I didn't earn money during that time? I'd say no as that time was still invested in something that is showing returns even today. I don't consider the thousands of hours spent on RS to be a complete waste as for the most part it's provided cheap entertainment in addition to random things that actually helped how I approached my career (little tip for success, use everything you learn even in games to your advantage). Studying (or education in general) and exercise increase your value of labour power, which may (or maynot) increase your future output, so thats technically not a waste. Playing video game however doesnt seem to do the same, so we can only say it is consumer spending. Just saying, people can use that argument on almost every luxury, since there is always a more economic alternative. Being worth it has nothing to do with the dollar value.
  21. We've gone over this question countless times on TIF. The overwhelming response is no. Other than a few people who play RS full-time, Runescape is pretty much solely a 'time filler' that people play when they're bored or have nothing else to do. While working IRL for minimum wage would be a lot more productive, there aren't many jobs that you can do in the times that a lot of people play RS (ie: a little before school, during breaks, late night, etc). Theoretically. But that doesn't mean the TIME spent couldn't have been used to gain skills that would make you more marketable in the future, thus increasing potential money from an employer. The "potential" money doesn't have to be earned at the same time as the time already spent on RS. For example, learn Arabic, and you become a lot more marketable to intelligence agencies in the U.S. Etc etc. There is still a corollary. Yes, but that is the fundamental flaw of the opportunity cost of idle labour. I dont even know why they still put that on textbooks, so you can find it wrong afterwards. Besides, even if you can find work, the wage rate would not be the same as your day rate.
  22. ^ The problem is, even you want to work as much as you can, you cant find an employer that would have enough work/ bold enough to ignore labour laws to hire you to do so. Its called under-employment (or at least, part of it). A china site would be alot cheaper, given the rate now, but doing in Jagex's way removes the risk of getting banned. If you have spare money and want to spend it on RS, the SoF is certainly the way to go. Its just that they are marketing it too aggressively that is not needed and constantly grabs unwanted attention. Anyways, thanks for the $200 worth of data.
  23. It's Bounty Hunter without PJ'ing. That was acceptable when Bounty Hunter was the ONLY thing closest to PK'ing when the wilderness became safe, but with the old wilderness back Bounty Hunter needs to evolve. So, what is the difference between Duel tournament and Bounty Hunter without rogues? They are both about taking down the assigned target and get stuff, while the others can only attack their own target. The worst change now is you can even walk safely back home without a freaking red skull with your fat loot. No more risk for taking loot and no more opportunity for weaker character without a yak full of supplies. (Back in those days, even a person without 99s can take down a 126lv with specs, that was what I called fair chance) Bounty hunter without ambushes is simply not bounty hunter, just like wilderness without PKing.
  24. What? No tactical ambushes? That isn't bounty hunter, thats just duel tournament revamp. Bounty hunter was about the hunter become the hunted! No matter, was hoping for PvP world and looks like its not happening.
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