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whats with ge prices?


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Merchant clans are manipulating prices of common items. :cry: Also, the summer rush has begun :lol:



95/99 Summoning

95/99 Slayer


[hide=This is what you look like when you play RS too long]2vvq0z4.jpg[/hide]

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Summer, PvP additions, cash came/coming in from "tricking", manipulation clans. There are a lot of combined variables that hit lately, which has really driven up prices. If you check out item graphs, you'll see that on most there was a huge drop when Jagex first removed item protection from PvP. You'll see how it suddenly jerks back upwards right after they added +1 worlds.




Indexed Picture 1

Indexed Picture 2


Killed my maxed Zerker pure April 2010


Rebooting Runescape



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