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easter eggs


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So how much are easter eggs worth now-a-days? I have not played in a long time and I am wondering if about 6 months ago it was a horrible thing to trade my 2 easters for a green mask. Are easters really worth a ton of money now? And if so why? Theyre not even wearable. That is why i go rid of them, theres no point in having them. If someone could answer my questions, thatd be great.


im level 76 and IM NOT A NOOB 30- is a noob
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I believe they were up to 50m for street price, but they're sure to be dropping soon. The Grand Exchange price is 14m at max.




This is just something someone said, don't know if it's true.

True. They've dropped 100% in their street price recently, so holding onto one is not a wise choice.
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