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Some chinning questions


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I am planning on chinning from 89 to 99 ranged soon.




I was wondering about a few details on chinning based on the intent to make it as efficient as possible.




I will be using grey chins, full void and the best gear possible in each slot(except no archer ring imbued)




1. With 70 prayer which ranged prayer should I use for the best efficiency? I figure it will either be +10 or +15 but I don't know which is better




2. Is a god cloak a better choice then ava's accumulator? The +3 prayer would seem more useful then +4 ranged but I'm not sure.




3. Is the fury better then the new ranging ammy? I figure the fury is better since 5 prayer is worth more then 5 range but just wanted to ask.


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1. At 63 prayer I used the 15% prayer and it worked pretty well




2. I think the god cloak is the better option here, it's what I used aswell.




3. I havn't tried the ranging ammy for chinning, but I guess it all depends on how much you're willing to spend on pray pots, and if the +5 prayer really makes to big of a difference to you. I'd go for the ranging ammy personally.




I'm assuming you'll be chinning in the ape atoll tunnels, correct?

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