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    I got to miss school today :thumbsup: of course that is because I had all four wisdom teeth removed. :lol:
  2. So what do you do after you execute someone and new evidence comes up that proves you did not do it? You just took an innocent life and ruined the lives of his/her family A valid point; however, in the modern court system we give out so many appeals that this isn't happening anymore(I mean people aren't being convicted so don't pull up a stat about a guy who was released yesterday after 20 years). I don't consider imprisoning someone for the rest of their life and humanely executing them different. To be honest, I think life imprisonment is just execution by old age. I haven't looked up economic stuff recently, I think it has actually become cheaper to just drop the death penalty to avoid more appeal trials.(can anyone confirm?). As I said earlier, I am more concerned with protecting people from those who are too dangerous to be released. I don't support the death penalty exactly; but I think every state/country shoudl be allowed to use it.
  3. As long as we properly deal with people that are too dangerous to society(I'm thinking severe sex offendors and killers here) I don't really care if they are in a cell or dead for the next forty years. That being said, I have no problem with the death penalty as long as it is carried out in a reasonably humane way(such as firing squad or injection since they are quick and near painless.) On the humanity; we don't execute people for shoplifting, so I don't have a problem with any method that is quick and minimalistically painless. Seriously, if we could kill someone instantaneously with telekinesis we would still have people complaining it was a cruel method.
  4. Awesome if it works, but I'm not going to get my hopes up
  5. Adam Smith supported progressive taxation (I'm pretty sure you know who he is). How the hell is taxing people based upon how much they earn "communist"? How can taxing people on higher incomes by a larger percent be compared to the state having ownership of the means of production? Do you even know what communism is? There is a difference between what Marx wanted and what people have called communist. Obviously, if you want to give everyone the same amount of money, and you don't want to kill everyone you would use something like a progressive tax.(no that doesn't mean I think the US is going communist)
  6. When you realize how impressive the constitution is and stop wallowing in the slavery mud, we can have an interesting conversation. If we shouldn't follow a law that is 230 years old why should we follow a law that is ten years old? Yes, the constitution has been neccesarily ammended at times; and yes there are probably a few more things we could do to deal with issues. However, the actual law the constitution lays down is very effective and proper; the problem is noone obeys the law in government. Of course, there was some needed expansion of government that wasn't anticipated, if you really want to throw out the entire law because of that be my guest :roll:
  7. Unless you think we should also fly Nazi flags that is rather faulty logic. If you intended to mean displayed in a museum type setting and discussed, however, I concur. i mean i'm from the south, and down here it is flown everywhere.....it's part of our past, and to us now it shows "southern pride", lame: yes, but it still should be flown. You can't compare a nazi flag being flown, to a confederate flag being thrown so really your logic is off.... why are the two so different that you can't fly them both? the swastica originally represented peace and friendship while the confederat flag represented national pride. why is it so wrong to fly both because of what history has distorted them into? You have the worst logic ever!!! Flying a flag to celebrate your ancestors fighting a war to maintain their right to have slaves is hardly good logic.
  8. Unless you think we should also fly Nazi flags that is rather faulty logic. If you intended to mean displayed in a museum type setting and discussed, however, I concur.
  9. Personally, I don't oppose Universal Healthcare in concept; I do however oppose it in America. Simple reason, I don't trust this government(either party) to run something so important, bearing in mind that this system doesn't need to be federal run(like the military). While the current system is problematic, the actual health care in America is very good. You don't scrap a car just because the air conditioner isn't working; you fix the air conditioner. Just like health care; you don't scrap the current system, you find reasonable ways to improve it. For instance, require more coverage of preexisting conditions; but don't make insurance companies cover someone who has a love affair with fried chicken.
  10. Simple, now a days proportionally very few people fly that flag with the intent of expressing states rights. While the original meaning of the flag is its own comparison of racism and states rights; what we associate it with now is going to be a product of modern life. Honestly, how many of you see rallies where that flag is flown with the sole intent of expressing states rights. Saying you are protesting against federal government(not a bad thing) but clearly being a racist doesn't exactly give the flag a reasonable rep. As said earlier, its similair to the swastika. Should we all complain when the swastika is considered a symbol of hate just because it had an original meaning? Yes, we should teach the real meaning, but I think it is unfair to the modern day to say it is anything but a symbol of racism. While I'm sure there are people who signify states rights with it; the vast majority of people who use it at the least dislike black people even if they also cite states rights.
  11. Most likely, the clip was out or empty but a round was still in the chamber(as said earlier). Obviously, this was a terrible idea to start with.
  12. Generaly speaking it is unethical, of course the degree of how "wrong" this is depends widely on what photoshopping was done. I think it is perfectly fine to fix someones complection up, especially since makeup would be used if photoshopping wasn't. On the other hand, editing someone's weight to make them look better is innapropriate.
  13. Mind control...no I'm not being silly I mean the ability to convince people to do whatever you want them to. I think we can agree this is definetely a skill, combines parts of rhethoric party language etc.
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